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6 Potential Solutions to Fix 0xc00d36cb in Windows 10/11

I recently tried to play my MP4 video files in Windows 10. Surprisingly, the files are not playable and an error code 0xc00d36cb pops up. I have tried various ways to resolve this issue, but none has helped. Please help!

Many Windows 10 or Windows 11 users experience similar problems playing certain video formats, especially MKV formats. In some cases, when you try to modify certain details of MP4 or MP3, an error code 0xc00d36cb appears on your screen.

While this error message can happen to a few files, it can also affect all other files with MKV format. If you see this message, try these 6 potential methods to fix this problem.

What Is Error 0xc00d36cb?

The error 0xc00d36cb is quite common on Windows 10 and it’s caused by various factors. This can be caused by a problem in the media player or the system files are corrupt, or the video itself has been corrupted that cannot be read by the media player.

Unfortunately, the corrupted system files can be a threat to the health of your computer. Several events may lead to the occurrence of 0xc00d36cb error. These include an incomplete installation of apps or uninstallation of apps, improper deletion of hardware or applications.

This error can also be caused by an improper shutdown of your computer or your computer had just recovered from a virus attack. All these events can lead to the deletion or corruption of Windows system files. As a result, the corrupted system files may have missing linked information and files required for the proper operation of your device.

What Is Error 0xc00d36cb?

5 Methods to Fix Video Error 0xc00d36cb

Windows 10 is an operating system that is suitable for business, work, and all types of entertainment. You can use it to listen to your favorite music, watch movies, or play games. However, when you encounter an 0xc00d36cb error, you can watch your videos

It’s easy to opt for more advanced repair solutions when you encounter 0xc00d36cb error. After all, it can be frustrating to find out that your precious media files cannot play anymore. However, your Windows 10 computer is capable of fixing this problem automatically.

As explained earlier, you’re likely experiencing 0xc00d36cb error because of some type of system corruption that is preventing the normal video playback.

The good news is that Windows 10 can identify and repair some of the common causes that can affect playback of your video files. One of the best ways is to use the video playback troubleshooter to fix this error automatically. Below is a quick guide on how you can run the Video Playback troubleshooter:

  • Press the Windows logo key + R to get a Run dialogue box. In the dialogue box, write ms-settings: troubleshoot. Then press the Enter button to open the Troubleshooter option of the Settings window.

use troubleshooter to find and fix video problems

  • When you’re at the Troubleshooter tab, go to the right pane and scroll down to get the Find and Fix other problems. Once you are here, click on the Video Playback button and then click on the Run the troubleshooter option.

  • Let the troubleshooter scan and detect the problems. When it completes the scanning process, click on the Apply this fix. This will launch the appropriate repair solution that depends on the type and extent of the problem.

  • After the repair process is complete, you should restart your computer to make sure that the changes are applied. Also, you need to wait until the next startup process is done. Once the next startup process is complete, play the videos to see if the 0xc00d36cb error has been fixed.

Solution 2. Reset Microsoft Store via CMD

The 0xc00d36cb error can also happen because of the Microsoft Store problem. This is a digital storefront that you can use to access digital content, both paid and free content. These stores are popular because they provide installation convenience, automatic updates, and better security.

Therefore, to resolve this error issue, you need to reset Microsoft Store. You can do this by using the CMD terminal, which is a quicker method. Below are the steps to reset Microsoft Store via CMD:

  • In the search box, type cmd, and right-click the Command Prompt. Now, select the Run as administrator option.

reset microsoft store via cmd

  • The second step is to type wsreset.exe and click the Enter button. This will be the Microsoft Store together with all the dependencies.

  • You can now restart your device to see if the 0xc00d36cb error is resolved.

Solution 3. Reset Windows Store via Settings

It also appears that the 0xc00d36cb error can happen when you try to play certain files, such as MKV file formats which are routed through the Microsoft Store component. Hence any type of Microsoft Store corruption can also affect the overall performance of certain video files.

Other Windows 10 users claim they experience this error after performing a security scan that results in isolating some items important to Microsoft Store. To resolve this problem, you need to reset the Windows Store by taking the following steps:

  • Press the Windows logo + R to open the Run dialogue box. Then type the following:ms-settings: apps features and press the Enter button. This opens the Apps & Features option of the Settings window.

reset microsoft store via settings

  • On the Apps & Features window, go through the list of the Universal Windows Platform apps to find the Microsoft Store.

  • Check out for the right app in the Advanced Options. Under the Publisher, you can hyperlink and click on the app.

  • Click on the Reset option and then click the Reset again to confirm and launch the clearing the cache process.

  • Lastly, wait until the system completes clearing the cache. Once it’s done, reboot your Windows computer and see if the 0xc00d36cb error has been fixed.

Solution 4. Use Properties to Modify File Permission

Many Windows 10 users also experience 0xc00d36cb error as a result of permission problems. Therefore, if you are facing this problem while attempting to modify certain details of MP4 or MP3 files, it’s likely that you can resolve this issue by getting to the Properties window and change the Owner to Everyone.

Many users have succeeded in using this solution, especially those with several Windows accounts. Here is the deal, you can eventually rename the file without facing the 0xc00d36cb error after you change the file permission. But to use Properties to modify the file permission, do the following:

  • Right-click the video file that is causing the 0xc00d36cb error. Click on the Properties from the menu that appears on your screen.

use properties to modify file permission

  • In the Properties window, choose the Security option from the menu at the top.

  • Now, click on the Advanced tab which is under the Permissions for.

  • In the Advanced Security Settings for the video file that you suspect is causing the problems, check for the Owner at the top. You can now click on the Change option.

  • In the Select User or Group option, find the Enter the object name to select part. In the text box, you can type Everyone and click on the Check Names to confirm the new ownership.

  • You can now save the changes by clicking on the OK button and click the Apply.

  • Close all the windows to restart your computer. Try to repeat your previous actions to determine if the 0xc00d36cb error prompts out on your screen.

Solution 5. Create a new Windows user profile

If none of the above solutions have failed to resolve the 0xc00d36cb error, there are good chances that you might have a corrupted Windows profile. This profile could be interfering with the playback functionality of your video files.

In such a case, you can create a new Windows user profile to resolve this issue. Here are steps to help you to create a new user profile for Windows:

  • Press the Windows logo + R to get the Run dialogue. Next, write in the dialogue box the following: ms-settings: other users and press the Enter button.

create a new windows user profile

  • This opens the Family & other user’s options of the Settings window. Go to the Other users and click on the Add someone else to this computer.

  • You will see a new setup window where you can add a new email and phone number for the new user profile. Also, you can create a local account by clicking on the I don’t have this person’s sign-in information option.

  • In the next window, you can either click on the Add a user without a Microsoft account or type in the details of your new Microsoft account. Take note that some online features might not function if you choose to create a local account.

  • You can now set up a new username and password for your new account. Besides, you will be required to assign a security question. This can be used for the recovery process when you forget your password.

  • After creating a new account, you can restart your Windows computer and log in using the new details during the next startup process.

  • Now, play your video files and see if the 0xc00d36cb error has been resolved.

Fix Video Error Code 0xc00d36cb Caused by Corrupted Video

The videos you are trying to play in your Windows 10 and Windows 11 may be damaged or corrupted. In such cases, you need to use a professional video repair tool, such as Wondershare Repairit software to repair your video files.

When you still get an error message 0xc00d36cb despite trying all the above solutions, it can mean that the video files are broken and the media player cannot read it. Therefore, you can use the Wondershare Video Repair software to fix the damaged or corrupted video files. The best thing about this video repair tool is that it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Above all, it supports various video corruption scenarios. These include video file header corruption, video file system corruption, errors in movement of videos, and video playback interruptions. To sum it up, the tool has the following unique features:

  • Wondershare Video Repair software supports repairs of various video formats including MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, and FLV.

  • It repairs corrupt videos due to different causes like file read and writes errors.

  • It can repair videos from different devices, such as SD cards, computer hard drives, and external hard disks.

  • There are no limitations on the size of video files it can repair.

Wondershare Video Repair software offers two repair modes which are quick repair mode and advance repair mode. You can use the quick repair mode for simple errors while the advance mode is designed for complex errors. Hence, to repair the corrupted or damaged video files, take the following steps:

Step 1. Add corrupted video

First of all, launch Wondershare Video Repair software and then add the corrupted video on the home screen. There are two ways you can load the corrupted videos:

  • Click on the part marked Add video and start repairing.

  • Or else, you can click on the Add button.

add your video files with error code 0xc00d36cb

Step 2. Repair corrupted videos

After you have loaded the corrupted video(s), you can click on the Repair button to proceed. After the repair is complete, you will see a pop-up window telling you to save and preview the repaired video. Then click on the OK button to save.

start fixing video with error code 0xc00d36cb

Step 3. Preview the repaired video

You can preview the repaired video by clicking on the triangle. In this way, you can find out if the repair was effective so that you can save the repaired video.

preview and save the repaired videos

Step 4. Add sample video

With Advanced Repair, you can repair severely corrupted video files. First of all, choose Advanced Repair and click on the folder symbol to add a sample video to repair. The sample video refers to a video that was created by the same device and has the same format as the corrupted video. Therefore, the tool will use the information from the sample video to repair the corrupted video.

add a sample video to repair corrupted video

Next, click on the Repair button. You will be given an option to save the repaired video before you continue with the advanced repair. The reason being that the Advanced Repair doesn’t automatically save the repaired video. Lastly, choose Yes or No depending on your preference.

Step 5. Save the repaired video

When you see a prompt, choose Save and then select the destination path. Ensure that you select a different location from the original to prevent corruption from happening again.

save videos to any location

Bonus: Avoid Getting 0xc00d36cb on Video Playback

It can be frustrating to realize that you can’t play your favorite videos because of the 0xc00d36cb error. Therefore, to avoid this problem on video playback, here is what you need to do:

  • Use VLC Media Player to play the current video format. This media player supports various video formats and it might repair the video file with the 0xc00d36cb error. This free tool can supports files in various formats such as MOV, MP4, and AVI

  • You should also make sure that you shut down your Windows computer properly. You see, improper shutdown while watching the video can corrupt the video files.

  • If you created the video and cannot play it because of this error, you may have the wrong codec. Hence, use a video converter to convert your video files.

  • There is also a chance that you have a faulty or damaged hard disk drive. Therefore, you should consider replacing it. But you should remove the files in the hard disk drive to another storage device before you replace

  • You should always use your video file storage devices properly. In this way, you can prevent damages from happening to the video files. However, if you suspect that the video files are damaged or corrupt, your best option is to use a professional video repair tool like the Wondershare Video Repair software.

Closing Words

Video errors and playback problems can spoil your day. But you can avoid such problems by using Video Playback Troubleshooter, resetting Microsoft Store, and many other solutions discussed in this post. Understandably, facing video playback issues can be due to various reasons. This makes sense to know the symptoms you experience when it’s a playback error like 0xc00d36cb.

If this playback error still happens despite applying all these solutions, perhaps the video you’re trying to play is damaged or corrupt. You can have peace of mind keeping Wondershare Reairit - Video Repair software because it can fix any corruption issues, helping you to continue watching your precious videos.