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How to Properly Download Content from Amazon Prime Video

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Mar 25, 23, updated Sep 16, 23

Various streaming service providers are available nowadays that showcase their own content and even videos from other channels. Amazon’s Prime Video platform is one such option where there are different types of content available to view and like.

People can save their shows and movies on the platform to play them offline. But this feature is available to the paid plan users, and you can access the content within the platform itself.

If you want to download Prime Video, you must carry out specific steps or download downloader tools. Here, we list all these methods.

amazon prime video interface
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Part 1: Is it possible to download Amazon Prime Video for Offline Viewing?

Amazon Prime Video consistently includes a steady roster of new content from different channels, including original content for the platform. Prime Video members can download only specific show episodes, movies, and documentaries for offline viewing on the Prime Video app on Android or iOS devices.

However, users cannot directly download Prime Video content to a PC from this platform as a separate video file without third-party downloader apps. This is because of various reasons, like the DRM regulations and even Amazon’s internal policies for content protection.

Part 2: How to download Amazon Prime Video on Android phones

Users can download their videos on the Prime Video platform when they access it through an Android smartphone or tablet. For this, you have to sign into your account through the app you get from Google Play Store.

How to proceed?

Step1 Log into your Amazon Prime account on the app from Google Play Store after installing it.

Step2 Then, go through the available movies and shows to find the one you like. Open it to see information about the said content.

Step3 If a movie or TV show is available for offline viewing, a download icon will appear below the video (for movies) or beside the episodes (for shows). Tap on the icon, and the content will start downloading.

tap on the icon

Step4 Set the download quality.

set the download quality

Part 3:  How to download Amazon Prime Video on iOS phones

Similar to the steps for how the Prime Video download process works on Android devices, iOS users can also save these content types for offline viewing. You can then open the Downloads category to get a list of the downloaded content.

How to proceed?

Step1 Go to Apple App Store to download the Prime Video app to your iPhone or iPad.

Step2 After the installation is complete, sign into your Amazon Prime account and search for options.

Step3 Open the movie or show you want to watch and press the Download icon.

press download

Step4 For iPhone/iPad users with low available storage, it is better to go to Settings to change the preset Best-Quality option. Tap on the Download Quality section to set the download size.

tap on download quality

Part 4: How to download Amazon Prime Video via FireStick

It is possible to download the videos on Amazon Prime while watching them on the attached FireStick or other Smart TVs. The screen casting method is accessible through the app, so you can avoid downloading any additional apps.

How to proceed?

Step1 Open the Prime video app.

Step2 Connect to your FireStick device.

Step3 Browse for what you want to view offline and press Download. Choose your preferred quality for a better experience.

choose your preferred quality

Part 5: How to download Amazon Prime Video on a PC

It is impossible to directly download the content available in Amazon Prime Video when using Windows, Linux, or Mac devices. You have to use emulators or third-party downloading websites to get this content.

Many of the latter website types are not legally allowed to provide Prime Video content for offline downloads. This is due to the strict ownership and distribution rules under Amazon. So, proceed with caution here.

Bonus: How to Proceed in case of errors in download video quality?

The quality is not always guaranteed when people download Amazon Prime Video-centric shows and movies. The unauthorized sites may have certain files that were originally bad in quality. Or, the error may have occurred during the downloading process that affected content quality.

In fact, the Prime Video download to SD card not working issue is common for many users due to various reasons like connection errors, compatibility errors, etc. If you have the file and want to improve the damaged video, Wondershare Repairit is useful for that.

Wondershare Repairit- What to know?

The Wondershare Repairit software includes a Video Repair tool allowing users to quickly and efficiently fix damaged videos. The app supports different video formats for importing and exporting them without harming the resolution or quality.

Free Download
Free Download

If you are also concerned about the process of repairing, the software has a preview functionality for users to try. Check the video repair condition before the final save.

Top Features:

  • The Advanced Repair function automatically repairs the inserted files.
  • Multi-format support, like MTS, AVI, MP4, INSV, etc.
  • Batch processing is simple to carry out.
  • Easily view all video information like duration, frame rate, size, etc.

How to repair videos with bad quality after downloading?

Step1 Launch the Wondershare Repairit program on your computer after installing it.

Step2 Click Add to import your downloaded video file(s) from Prime Video.

click add

Step3 Select the files and hit Repair > OK.

hit repair

Step4 At the end, select the final saving destination in the device and the video quality and press the Save button.

press the save button


Overall, it is possible to view the content on Amazon Prime Video, but the steps for it on the platform are complex to handle. In case you download it to your device through third-party means, you should use proper video repairing software like Repairit before viewing it.

Since there are many things at play in the context of Prime Video download as a feature, you should carefully know the steps, compatibility points, and more.

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Sep 16, 23
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