How Do I Fix Netflix Audio and Video Out of Sync or Audio Delay?

Sometimes people who use Netflix often come across some problems with their connections. Among those problems, audio and video are out of sync and are one of the most common problems. Several factors can lead you to this issue. Hence, it is important to have a basic understanding of those issues and work accordingly, so that you can get them fixed.

Part 1. What To Do If Netflix Audio Is Out of Sync

1. Use Different Browser

As the very first attempt, you can think about using a different browser. Some of the browsers are not in a position to deliver the best possible experience to you with syncing audio and video content. Hence, you need to switch to another browser and move forward with it.

While you look for a new browser to enjoy the Netflix connection, you must make sure that you are picking a secure, reliable, and fast browser. Only such a browser can deliver a hassle-free experience to you. You will fall in love with the overall experience that you can secure by using this kind of browser.

2. Verify Your Internet Connection

If switching the browser to a new one doesn't work, you need to go ahead and take a look at the internet connection. Here, you need to make sure that your internet connection is working. You need to take a look at the speed as well. If the speed of your internet connection is low, your audio and video will be out of sync.

When more than one person is using the internet connection, or when multiple devices are using the same internet connection, the connection speed can get limited. Therefore, it is better to remove all the other devices connected to the internet router and check if you can get Netflix audio and video to be in sync.

Even if this method didn't work, you can think about resetting the router. Or else, you can get in touch with your internet service provider. The internet service provider will take a look at your connection and see whether there is any problem with it. Once the problem is fixed, you can start enjoying the content on the Netflix connection again.

3. Turn Off HD Streaming

HD streaming would consume a lot of bandwidth. If bandwidth allocated to you is not enough, you will have to experience Netflix audio and video out of sync. However, you don't need to worry too much about this problem because there is a possibility to turn off HD streaming.

To turn off HD streaming, you will need to click on the user icon, which is located in the top right-hand corner. Then you should click on the link called "Account". Once you get into the account, you can navigate to "Playback Settings". Along with that, you must select Medium Quality and save.

After doing this change in settings, you can play a video and see whether it is working. If this method didn't work, you need to follow the same steps and change the quality to low. Then you can see whether the Netflix audio desync issue is fixed or not.

4. Download the Video and Repair it

Netflix allows you to download a video. You can think about downloading the video to your device and recovering it. There are some third-party tools, which can help you to recover such videos. Wondershare Repairit Video Repair is a perfect example of such a tool.

This tool works by rebuilding the frame, header, duration, movement, and sound of a video. Therefore, you are getting a solution for the audio delay problem that you are dealing with. It's quite amazing, right? Download and install it now.

Regardless of the video format you have, it is possible to use Wondershare Repairit and get the problem fixed. In other words, it is compatible with video file formats such as MKV, MP4, MOV, and FLV. You can also export the repaired file to any given video file format you need. Therefore, you don't need to worry about locating a player, which you can use to playback the video. You have the freedom to export the video to a file format that you can play on the computer with an existing player.

Here are the steps that you should follow to fix the audio and video out-of-sync problem.

Step 1 Add the Corrupted Video

add netflix videos

As the very first step, you should go ahead and add the corrupted video into Wondershare Repairit. Once you open it, you will be provided with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can simply drag and drop the video into this interface and start using it.

Step 2 Repair the Corrupted Video

scan netflix videos

The second step you should follow is to repair the corrupted video. Now you have added the video. Therefore, you should click on the "Repair" button, which is located at the bottom. Once you press this button, it will initiate the process of recovering your video.

Step 3 Preview the Recovered Video and Save it

preview repaired netflix videos

Upon the completion of the recovery process, you will be provided with a preview of the video. You can simply play the video and see if the audio desync problem is fixed or not. If the problem is fixed, you can go ahead and save it. As mentioned earlier, you have the chance to recover it in any preferred video format.

If your video wasn't fixed by the Quick Repair Mode, you should try using the Advanced repair mode by clicking "Advanced Repair" found in red behind the file.

Then upload a working file created by the same device.

add sample videos

With video repaired, select a different path/directory from the original location to save repaired files and wait for the repair process to complete.

save netflix videos

5. Prefer Silverlight Instead of HTML5 Player

silverlight logo

Instead of using an HTML5 player, you can think about using Silverlight. There are certain steps, which you should follow to get the job done as well. To begin with, you can open the Help Center. Next, you need to click on "Internet Speed Recommendations." Now you should click on video quality. As the next step, you need to uncheck the box that is located next to "Prefer Silverlight instead of HTML5".

You can save the settings and see whether the issue has been fixed.

6. Disable Hardware Acceleration

You can disable hardware acceleration and receive positive results as well. To disable hardware acceleration, you should open the browser and click on the three dots located in the right-hand corner. Then you should open Settings.

Now you need to scroll down until you see the option called Advanced.

chrome hardware acceleration

As the next step, you need to locate the section called System. Then you should Use hardware acceleration when available. You can simply click on the toggle button and do the configuration change.

Before you test, you should restart the browser as well. Then you can open the browser and see whether the problem has been fixed.

Part 2. Other Issues When Watching Netflix Video

This is not the only problem that you have to face when you are watching Netflix videos. You will come across many other Netflix video problems as well. Here are some other common problems that you have to deal with while using Netflix.

1. Your video is distorted.

If you are having a distorted screen, you need to check and see whether your internet connection speed is okay or not. You need to check and see whether there are any other devices connected with the internet connection, which slows down the bandwidth. Along with that, you should also check and see whether there are any issues on the side of your ISP as well.

2. You have problems when watching content on another screen.

Most of us prefer to connect the Netflix connection to a bigger screen such as a projector and enjoy the content. You need to check and see whether the cable that you are using to extend the screen is working properly or not. If the cable is not working properly, you need to get that replaced with a new one.

3. You have a stuttering video.

Stuttering video can take place due to a driver issue in the computer graphics card. Therefore, you should check and see whether the drivers are properly installed. If you cannot get the job done on your own, you can simply get in touch with the computer manufacturer and ask for assistance. Follow these steps and make sure that you don't have any issues with enjoying Netflix at home.

Note: If your movie files are damaged, you may like to repair the movie files on the computer.