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How To Fix the Facebook Videos Freezing Problem

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published Sep 27, 23, updated Mar 20, 24

Have you been scrolling through Facebook, enjoying your feed, and some videos started to freeze? It can be very annoying and cause you to exit the app. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a guide to help you fix the problem.

We will explain the possible reasons behind your Facebook videos freezing and how to fix them. Whether you’re using the app or the website version, we’ve prepared several methods to fix the Facebook video freezing problem.

In this article
    1. Method 1: Restart the Phone
    2. Method 2: Reinstall the Facebook App
    3. Method 3: Update the Facebook App
    4. Method 4: Check Your Internet
    5. Method 5: Turn off Data Saver
    6. Method 6: Lower Video Quality
    7. Method 7: Check if You Have Enough Space
    8. Method 8: Clear Cache
    9. Method 9: Update Your OS
    1. Method 1: Use a Video Repair Tool to Fix Corrupt Files
    2. Method 2: Check the Browser
    3. Method 3: Clear Browser Cache
    4. Method 4: Turn Off Browser Extensions
    5. Method 5: Use Incognito Mode

Reasons Why Facebook Videos Freeze

facebook video freezing

A Facebook video freezing is a common problem and can happen for various reasons. One cause of Facebook videos freezing could be a slow internet connection. Moreover, your Facebook videos could freeze if your device is working overtime to support your requests. You may also lack memory space to perform basic tasks. Therefore, always make sure your storage resources aren’t used up.

Besides that, some videos are high-resolution. If you use an old device that can’t support such graphics, your videos will freeze. Moreover, if you have several extensions or plugins on your browser, they could slow down your browser’s operations and freeze Facebook videos.

There are numerous other reasons why Facebook videos freeze. However, we’ll try to cover the most effective ways to resolve this problem.

You Can Fix Freezing Facebook Videos on Your Own

If Facebook videos keep freezing, it doesn’t have to be a problem with the app. More often than not, the problem is on your device. Therefore, you can fix freezing videos on your own. Whether the videos are freezing on your smartphone or your computer, you can fix it on your own with the help of this guide.

How to Fix Freezing Facebook Videos on Your Smartphone Android/iPhone

facebook video freezing on smartphone

If your Facebook videos are freezing in your app on your smartphone, try some of these tips. These fixes will help you solve the problem on your iPhone or Android.

Method 1: Restart the Phone

Sometimes, your phone can start freezing up. Your phone could be having issues, causing your Facebook videos to freeze or slow down. Therefore, the first thing you can do to fix the problem is to restart your phone. Androids have the option to restart the phone. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll need to turn it off and then on again.

Method 2: Reinstall the Facebook App

If your Facebook videos are still freezing, the app version may have bugs that cause the videos to freeze. Therefore, you can easily uninstall the app and install it again to fix the problem.

To reinstall Facebook on an Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings.

open settings on android

Step 2: Go to Apps (or App Manager).

open apps in settings

Step 3: Find Facebook and click on it.

open facebook in apps

Step 4: Click Uninstall at the bottom of the screen.

uninstall facebook on android

Step 5: Then, go to Google Play and search for Facebook.

Step 6: Click Install.

reinstall facebook on android

To reinstall Facebook on an iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find Facebook on your Home Screen.

Step 2: Tap and hold the Facebook icon until it starts shaking.

Step 3: Now tap on the X that appears above the Facebook icon.

click x to delete facebook

Step 4: Click Delete on the pop-up window.

delete facebook from iphone

Step 5: Now go to the App Store.

Step 6: Find the Facebook app and click Install.

Method 3: Update the Facebook App

Another way to fix the Facebook video freezing problem is to update the Facebook app. When there’s an update available, it usually fixes all bugs and errors the previous version had. Therefore, updating the app could fix the freezing problem.

Step 1: Go to Google Play or the App Store.

Step 2: Search for Facebook.

Step 3: If there’s an available update, you’ll see the Update option.

update facebook app

Step 4: Click on it and wait for the update to install.

Method 4: Check Your Internet

One of the most common reasons Facebook videos freeze is the poor Internet connection. Therefore, you should check your Internet connection and its speed. If it’s slow, try switching to a faster Internet connection.

Method 5: Turn off Data Saver

If you’re an Android user, you can turn Data Saver on. Data Saver is a built-in Android feature that limits how much data your apps can use when you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi. While this option is good for saving Mobile Data, it can cause your Facebook videos to freeze as it doesn’t allow the app to use your data.

To turn off Data Saver, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Network and Internet.

network and internet in settings

Step 2: Then, click on Data Saver.

data saver in sett

Step 3: You’ll find a switch. Toggle it off to turn off Data Saver.

turn off data saver

Method 6: Lower Video Quality

Sometimes, you’re going to come across high-resolution videos. If you’re using a dated smartphone, it might not be able to support high-quality videos and could freeze your Facebook videos.

Follow these steps to lower video quality:

Step 1: Open Facebook and go to Settings.

Step 2: Under the Preferences section, click on Media.

open media in face

Step 3: Then, select Data Saver in the Video Quality section.

lower video quality on facebook

Method 7: Check if You Have Enough Space

As mentioned, the Facebook app needs enough memory space to run tasks on your smartphone. Therefore, check if your smartphone has enough memory space to support all these videos. If not, try freeing up some memory to allow your phone to run smoothly and perform tasks.

Method 8: Clear Cache

The cache keeps information about pages on your phone to take less time to load it the next time you need to access that page. It does that by making a copy of the page. However, if your Facebook cache is full, it could interfere with your videos, causing them to freeze. Clearing cache regularly allows Facebook to play videos for you smoothly.

Follow these steps to clear your Facebook cache:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Apps.

Step 2: Find Facebook and click on it.

facebook in apps settings

Step 3: Click Force Stop to close the app completely.

Step 4: Then, click Clear data and Clear cache.

clear facebook cache

Step 5: Open the Facebook app again and check if the videos still freeze.

Method 9: Update Your OS

The problem might not be connected to the app itself but to your operating system bugs. If you’re using an outdated version of Android/iOS, your phone could be bugging and freezing Facebook videos. If that’s the case, updating your OS will fix the problem.

To update your Android OS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to System.

Step 2: Then click on System update.

system update on android

Step 3: You’ll see the option Download and install if there’s an available system update. Click on it.

update android system

To update your iOS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings , then to General.

Step 2: You’ll see a red icon with the number 1 if there’s an available system update. Click on Software Update.

software update avail

Step 3: Click on Download and Install to update your iOS to the newest version.

update ios

How to Fix Facebook Videos Freezing on a Computer

If you’re using Facebook on your computer and your videos freeze, it interrupts your casual feed scrolling. There are numerous possible reasons why your Facebook videos freeze. Fortunately, nothing you can’t fix on your own.

Method 1: Use a Video Repair Tool to Fix Corrupt Files

Your videos might be freezing because they’re corrupt. If your videos are corrupt, you must fix them before playing them again. You can use a data repair tool, such as Wondershare Repairit. Wondershare Repairit can fix damaged videos, photos, and other corrupted files.

Some of the key features of Wondershare Repairit are:

  • Repairing videos shot with leading camera brands, including Sony, Nikon, Canon, GoPro, DJI, etc.;
  • Supported video formats include MOV, MP4, M4V, M2TS, MKV, MTS, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MXF, and INSV;
  • Fixes corruption scenarios, such as corruption while recording, editing, transferring, processing, or converting a video;
  • AI-enhanced video repair;
  • Preview before save option;

Besides being very efficient, it’s also easy to use. Follow these steps to repair corrupt videos with Wondershare Repairit:

Free Download
Free Download
icon note
Note: You can also try Repairit Online if you only have several files to repair, which is more economical and convenient.

Step 1: Download Wondershare Repairit on your Windows computer.

Step 2: In the section Video Repair , click on +Add to import corrupted videos.

add corrupted vi

Step 3: You can now see the list of corrupted videos. Click Repair to fix them.

click repair to fix videos

Step 4: When the reparation process is done, a message will pop up saying the videos are repaired successfully. Click OK.

videos repaired successfully

Step 5: Preview the repaired videos by clicking the Preview button.

preview repaired vi

Step 6: Click Save if you’re satisfied with the results.

Step 7: This will open the window asking where you want them saved. Select the destination for your repaired videos and click Save All.

save videos to different loca

Step 8: When the videos are saved successfully, click OK.

repaired videos saved successfully.

Method 2: Check the Browser

Another cause for Facebook videos freezing on your computer could be your browser. If your browser has glitches and bugs, it’ll freeze your Facebook videos. If you have a lot of tabs and windows open, your browser will probably start glitching and freezing your Facebook videos.

Maybe your browser is outdated and, thus, incompatible with Facebook. If so, you can update your browser and try again. If none of those work, try a different browser.

Method 3: Clear Browser Cache

clear browser cache

Your browser can glitch if its cache is full. It’s a common problem, so you must clear your cache regularly to avoid browser glitches. To fix your browser and your Facebook video freezes, you can clear your browser cache and search history.

Method 4: Turn Off Browser Extensions

Browser extensions and plugins take up space that the browser needs for basic operations. If your extensions take up too much space, your browser will start glitching, which can freeze your Facebook videos. Turn off some browser extensions and plugins, and try watching the videos again.

Method 5: Use Incognito Mode

incognito mode

A very efficient way to check if your browser extensions are the problem that’s causing your Facebook videos to freeze is to use the Incognito Mode. In Incognito Mode, your browser doesn’t use extensions and plugins, so you can try Facebook videos there. If they work seamlessly in Incognito Mode, they are the problem, and you can turn them off.

To access Incognito Mode, press Shift + Ctrl + N.


If your Facebook videos freeze, it can be due to various reasons. Facebook videos can freeze due to poor connection, browser problems, outdated apps, or outdated devices. Fortunately, you can fix the problem on your own.

If your Facebook videos are glitching on your smartphone, check the Internet connection, reinstall the app, update your OS, and turn your Data Saver off. If your Facebook videos are glitching on your computer, check the browser, clear your cache, and try the Incognito Mode.


  • Why do my Facebook videos freeze?
    Facebook videos can freeze because of a slow Internet connection, if your device doesn’t have enough storage space, if you’re using too many browser extensions, or if the videos are high-resolutions.
  • My Facebook videos freeze when I watch them. Can I fix it myself?
    The answer is yes. There are numerous ways to fix your Facebook video freezing problem on your own. You can check your browser, clear cache, update your OS, lower video quality, check your Internet connection, update the Facebook app, etc.
  • What can I do when Facebook videos freeze on my computer?
    If your Facebook videos freeze on your computer, you can check whether your browser is compatible with Facebook, try a different browser, clear the browser cache, etc. To check if your browser extensions and plugins are the problem, enter Incognito Mode and log in to Facebook.
Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Mar 20, 24
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Amy Dennis
Written by Amy Dennis
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