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Best Tools to Utilize for Downloading Vimeo Videos

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Originally published Mar 25, 23, updated Sep 16, 23

Currently, the digital ecosystem includes different platforms where people can post or share their videos. Vimeo is one such section where people can share their videos with an audience that wants them.

In fact, this platform includes a huge percentage of user-generated content in different artistic styles, which attracts niche viewers. If you like any of the content and want to download videos from Vimeo, you should know the best way to do it.

Wondering what the set rules are about this process and how to download a Vimeo video? Let’s learn about that here.

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    5. Vimeomate
  1. What are the Terms and Conditions on Vimeo Regarding Video Downloads?
  2. Bonus: How to Fix Corrupted Videos After Online Downloading?

Best 5 Tools to Download Vimeo Videos

If you want to download videos from the Vimeo platform, particular online tools allow this process. These tools are simpler, free to use and assure a smooth downloading process.

In the context of how to download videos from Vimeo, the following are the relevant options to try.

1. SnapDownloader

Best for Mac and Windows users, SnapDownloader is a crucial tool to try out for the fast-paced and high-grade video downloading process. When you choose the file to download, you can decide on the quality and format, depending on your preference.

In this software, you will also get a video trimmer mechanism to adjust the video file.


  • Access content from the 900+ supported websites.
  • Supports varying languages.
  • Select between the varying resolution options available.
  • Convert files upto 8K in quality and more.

How to use it?

Step1 Download the SnapDownloader software and access it.

Step2 Go to the Vimeo video page and copy its URL.

Step3 On SnapDownloader, you can add the URL into the software and run it.

Step4 Choose the video output quality and finally it.

choose the video output quality

2. VIDDownloader

In the context of how to download a video from Vimeo, VIDDownloader is one of the best online programs available. You can add the video link of the file you want to save into this tool and get instant conversion benefit.

You can access this online tool on any device and select the right option to download the files.


  • Suitable to access on PC or mobile devices.
  • The video files do not lose quality after downloading.
  • Compatible with varying video formats, like M4A, MP4, and WEBM.
  • Works with videos that have SD to 4k resolution level.

How to use it?

Step1 Open the online tool’s downloader page on your browser.

Step2 Paste the video URL from your Vimeo video. Then, hit Download.

Step3 After a short wait, you will see multiple file download options in different sizes. Choose which you prefer and press it.

choose whichever you prefer

3. Toolzu

In the context of how to download a Vimeo video, it is important to choose the right tool for the task. The Vimeo video downloader in Toolzu offers many usable benefits to all users with the downloading process.

You can make multiple downloads using this tool and get results quickly.


  • Suitable data safety guarantee.
  • Works on various channels, platforms, devices, etc.
  • Download the file in MP4 format.
  • Make unlimited downloads.

How to use it?

Step1 Access the site for the Vimeo video downloader.

Step2 Add the Vimeo video URL into the text field.

Step3 You must wait some time for the process to load. Then, download the final file.

download the final file

4. VimeoVid

VimeoVid is one of the simplest online tools available to download Vimeo video files quickly. In this case, you must insert the copied URL from the clip you want to download and carry forward with it.

Moreover, it is important to note that this program does not support the privatized video types from the platform. So, it would be best to keep that in mind while using it.


  • Add URL to download Vimeo video.
  • Easy sharing process.
  • Works on web app, mobile, and PC devices.
  • Download videos multiple times.

How to use it?

Step1 Go to the VimeoVid website on your browser.

Step2 Paste the Vimeo video file URL into this section and press Go.

paste the video url

Step3 Wait some time and then see a list of downloading options appearing next. Press Download for the one you want.

press download

5. Vimeomate

If you want to download Vimeo videos via Chrome, Vimeomate is a useful plugin to try for that process. It works with the Google Chrome browser and allows users to save different types of Vimeo clips altogether.

You can choose the file option and quality for the downloading process and see different video-related details at this time.


  • Instant downloading process.
  • Works on Edge and Chrome browsers.
  • Download files in resolutions between 240p to 4K level videos.
  • Choose your preferred video quality for an easier conversion/downloading process.

How to use it?

Step1 Open the Videomate site. Add the extension to your device, e.g., Add to Chrome.

Step2 Paste the URL code next and tap Download.

paste the url code

Step3 Then, choose the final video as per picture quality.

choose the final video

What are the Terms and Conditions on Vimeo Regarding Video Downloads?

Of course, you can use the tools mentioned and get a good user experience. But what are the rules in place regarding the Vimeo Download Video process? Is it allowed to download Vimeo videos?

In reality, Vimeo has regulations in place regarding content distribution- the brand does not promote unauthorized downloading of videos from Vimeo users. So, the legal point of view is important to keep in mind if you use online downloaders.

How to Fix Corrupted Videos After Online Downloading?

After you download Vimeo OTT videos using one of the tools mentioned, you can proceed with watching them. However, for some users, there is a risk of the downloading process not working out perfectly. Indeed, if you have a huge file or there are some connectivity issues, the downloading process may backfire, resulting in a damaged video file.

Whatever the reason, the next priority in such a situation is to fix the video. For that, Wondershare Repairit is a worthy choice to fix the media files after an erroneous Vimeo video download process.

Free Download
Free Download

Why use Wondershare Repairit?

Wondershare Repairit is a top file repair tool that helps with high-grade video content fixing. You can add your files to the app and run the repair processes in batches for high-quality final video conditions.

Regardless of the size, type, or format of video files, Repairit is capable of fixing diverse damaged media conditions within a short time.

Notable features:

  • Support different video formats, like MOV, KLV, FLV, 3GP, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • Add and fix videos with Full HD resolution and lower.
  • Preview the final file prior to the downloading process.
  • Activate batch processing.

How to use it?

Step1 Open Wondershare Repairit after the downloading and installation processes finish.

Step2 Press Add and insert your available video files from Vimeo that require fixing.

press add

Step3 Select which file to fix > Repair > OK.

Step4 After the repairing process completes, you should tap the Preview key beside the file in the next window.

tap the preview key

Step5 Then, choose where to store the finished video file on your device and press Save.

press save


There are multiple online tools and device-based native apps available to download Vimeo videos offline, as mentioned. It would be best to try out these options directly to see which option is better for your downloading needs. Also, keep the Vimeo platform terms and conditions in mind.

Eleanor Reed
Eleanor Reed Sep 16, 23
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