Approach to Corrupt a Word File?

When the word file gets corrupted or damaged due to any reason, it can't open by its specific application. Are you looking for a way on how to corrupt a word file? Then, you have come to the right place. Whatever your reason is to corrupt the Microsoft word document, you can refer to this guide. Here, in this post, you will get to know how you can corrupt a word file or also, how you can uncorrupt word file with ease.

Part 1: How to Corrupt a Word File?

If you want that a particular file does not get open, then you can corrupt it. A corrupted word file becomes inaccessible and unreadable. When you try to open a corrupted word file, you will get an error saying the document can't be read because it is corrupt or there is some problem with it.

Sometimes, the file also gets corrupted accidentally, such as a virus attack, or system crash. However, there are a lot of users who want to corrupt the word file intentionally and every user has its reason behind this. You may also find various online tools that can aid you to corrupt the word document. But, have you ever thought if they are safe to use or not? Maybe yes, and that's why you have come to this post. So, there is also a simple way to a corrupt word document on the purpose you can use without relying on any online document corrupter.

1. Rename the Document Extension

The process of word document corruption begins with renaming the document extension. To do this, click "Start" on your system and then, you need to type "Folder Options". After that, hit "Enter" to open the "Folder Options" dialog box.

Now, when you are on Folder Options dialog box, tap on the "View" tab and then, uncheck the "Hide Extensions for Known File Types" box. Then, click on "Apply" to save changes. Finally, click "Ok" to close the dialog box.

After that, move to the location of the word document file you want to corrupt using Window Explorer. Then, right-click the document and choose the "Rename" option to change the document extension.

2. Open with Notepad and Copy Error Code

Once you can rename the document extension, open the document with notepad. Then, you will see the error code written in the notepad for that document and copy that error code and save somewhere in another new file. If you want to get back the document in a readable form, then you can do it from the error code.

3. Compress the File and Pause the Progress

Finally, right-click the document and choose either "Zip" or "Compress" and now, wait until the file starts to zip. Once it begins, pause the zipping procedure. The new compressed file will be created, but the zip file does not contain the entire file. Next, extract the document from the compressed zip file and when you try to open the document, it will not be open.

Part 2: Overview of Corrupting Word File:

Every file on the system is stored in the form of electronic data. It consists of particular content and structure. When the content and structure of the file is present in the right places, it works normally. However, if any wrong content is done to the file, or if the right content is written in the wrong place, then it leads to file corruption. Moreover, there can be other reasons for Microsoft word corrupt file, such as bad sectors on your system hard drive. And when you try to open a corrupted file, it may show you an error or may not open at all.

So, if you want to corrupt the working document purposely, then it means you want to make it unreachable and you or others can't open it. It is always better to know the consequences of the action you are going to do. Thus, if you need to make a particular word file corrupted then there can be chances that you can't open it ever. No doubt, there are many third-party tools available to uncorrupt the word file, but sometimes, even powerful tools can't repair some a corrupted word file.

Thus, it is better to take a backup of the word file you are going to corrupt as you may never know when you are going to need the file you have corrupted.

file Repair Toolkit

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Part 3: When to Corrupt Word Document:

The query "how to corrupt a word document so it won't open" tells one of the reasons why people want to corrupt word document. The main reason why people corrupt the word document is when they want to make someone fool, like their boss, or professor, or friend.

Generally, people who struggle with their project they can't complete on time want to make corrupted file. They corrupt their project file so that when their teacher or boos tries to open it, they get an unexpected error which seems to like technology or internet issue. Thus, when you have allotted the project, but you can't complete it on time, then the best thing you can do is to corrupt your project document.

There is no other major reason to make a corrupted word document on purpose. However, if someone has corrupted your important file intentionally, then don't panic because there is also a solution to get back your damaged file in stable condition. You can use reliable word repair software to repair your corrupted word document.

Part 4: How to Uncorrupt a Word File

Luckily, there is software available that can uncorrupt or fix a corrupted word file. But to fulfill the purpose, you will need a strong tool. And the most powerful tool to fix the corrupted word files is to use Stellar Phoenix Word Repair.

1. Free Download Stellar Phoenix Word Repair

If somehow you ended up with a corrupted word file then Stellar Phoenix Word Repair can help you in such conditions. It is an easy-to-use tool that can repair the word document without any kind of modification such as images, fonts, original text, hyperlinks, and headers, or footers. It provides the 3 Simple repair options Advance and Raw Recovery. Moreover, it also offers 3 different previews of Word document, such as Full document, Filtered Text, and RAW Text.

The best thing is it is the free tool you can try and so, download the software from its official website and know the software wonderful features.

  • The tool can repair a lot of corruption errors related to word files and it can repair word files that become inaccessible or show some unexpected characters.
  • You can also preview the scan result before saving repaired word files or you can preview in 3 different formats.
  • The software can aid you to find out the location of corrupted word files or documents. It performs a quick search to look for the desired file on your system.

2. How to Uncorrupt a Word File

It is simple and easy to uncorrupt a word file with software like Stellar Phoenix Word Repair and below are the steps on how to uncorrupt a word file using the tool:

Step 1: Download the software

To begin the process, visit its official website and download the free program on your computer. After that, install and run it.

Step 2: Select corrupt word file

Thereafter, click on "Select file" to choose the corrupt word file or click on the "Select folder" to search the corrupt word files in a particular folder. Or, click on "Find File(s)" to search files in the drive.

Step 3: Begin the repair process

After selecting the corrupted files you want to repair, click on the "Scan" button to initiate the repairing process.

Step 4: Save the repaired word file

Once the repair process is completed, you can save the repaired word file either at the default location or can save it to a new folder.

Note: You can go for the Advance Repair option if Simple recovery unable to give you desired results. The advance repair is more powerful that will able to an uncorrupt desired word file for sure.


Hence, you don't need to depend on the online file corrupter tool to corrupt the word document file. With simply changing the file extension, you can make the file unstable, and here, in this post, the detailed steps are given on how to corrupt a word document. Moreover, if you ever want to uncorrupt the corrupted file, then Stellar Phoenix Word Repair can aid you to repair the document without performing any modifications. It is easy to use software that you can use to open the corrupted word document in the readable form.

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