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8 Super-Easy Ways to Remove Text from Images Online

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Originally published May 15, 24, updated May 15, 24
remove text from image online

A picture is worth a thousand words: it doesn’t need literal text to clarify the meaning. More often than not, words cause unnecessary clutter and divert attention from the image. Text on pictures gets in the way of perfect mockups, e-commerce shots, and marketing content.

Luckily, there is an easy way to erase text from photos. We will examine some of the best tools for removing unwanted letters, symbols, and numbers from images. As a bonus, we have also included tips for repairing blurry images after text removal. So, let’s start.

In this article
    1. Picsart – Remove Text From Image
    2. Fotor – Remove Text From Image Online Free
    3. Experte – AI Text Remover
    4. AniEraser – Remove Text From Image Online Free
    5. SnapEdit – Removing Text From Image With AI
    6. Photoroom – Remove Text From Image
    7. Aiseesoft – Free Watermark Remover Online
    8. AirBrush – Eraser

Part 1. 8 Best Online Tools for Removing Text From Images

In case you were wondering, deleting text from photos is not rocket science. Any photo editor with a clone stamp tool and a healing brush can erase unwanted distractions from images. However, some of these solutions have unique features that can remove text automatically.

That said, we present you the eight best tools for online text removal in 2024:

1. Picsart – Remove Text From Image

remove the text from image online with picsart

Picsart is an online photo editor with an easy text remover from an image that content creators and marketers love. It includes a customizable Remove Object tool that can delete any type of text with laser-like precision. You can use Picsart to declutter your photos In only three steps (upload, select, and remove text) without destroying the background or lowering quality.

Key Features

  • Powerful Remove Object tool can make any distraction go away;
  • Customizable brush size gives you control and improves precision;
  • Picsart boasts a full suite of editing tools for perfecting our photos.
  • You can successfully delete any text online in only three steps.
  • Picsart makes text disappear without blurring the background.
  • The Remove Object tool is a paid feature with a 7-day free trial.

2. Fotor – Remove Text From Image Online Free

erase text from photo online with fotor

Fotor is a popular way to edit, manipulate, and polish images online. It offers two options for erasing text from pictures – automatic Text Remover, which utilizes AI technology, and manual Text Remover, which lets you select text using a customizable brush. The process is effortless in both cases and lasts only a few seconds. Fotor is ideal for brands and creative projects.

Key Features

  • Automatic Text Remover with AI-based text identification;
  • Manual Text Remover with customizable selection brush;
  • Fotor offers a full range of photo editing tools and effects.
  • Two text removal modes offer greater control and customization.
  • Intuitive interface and online accessibility improve the experience.
  • Fotor’s Text Remover is a premium tool with a 7-day free trial.

3. Experte – AI Text Remover

remove text from picture online for free with experte

Experte is a digital hub for software developers that provides useful tools for website building and online design. Among other things, it includes a free text remover from images that anyone can use online without registration. The process is easy and familiar – you upload the image, use the brush to select unwanted text, and download your photo in original resolution.

Key Features

  • The Image Cleaner tool with AI technology for removing text overlays.
  • Experte lets you remove all types of objects, backgrounds, and more.
  • Experte is a quick way to erase text and edit images online.
  • The AI Image Cleaner tool by Experte is 100% free to use.
  • Text removal leaves blurry patches on textured backgrounds.

4. AniEraser – Remove Text From Image Online Free

delete text from photo online with anieraser

AniEraser is one of the best ways to remove text from pictures online for free. This simple tool relies on advanced AI capabilities to detect and brush out undesirable text from images, so the process is fully automatic, but there’s more. After erasing all traces of text, AniEraser’s AI algorithm retouches the picture, creating a clean, polished photo ready for commercial use.

Key Features

  • AI text eraser with fully automatic detection and fast removal;
  • AniEraser can erase all kinds of objects from images and videos;
  • The automatic Retouch feature ensures picture-perfect results.
  • You can use AniEraser’s photo text remover online for free.
  • The text removal process is fully automatic and super-fast.
  • You can only download one image without a watermark for free.

5. SnapEdit – Removing Text From Image With AI

remove text in photo online with snapedit

SnapEdit is an online photo editing tool with many features powered by artificial intelligence. One of them is a text remover with two regimes – AI Detect, where text analysis and identification are 100% outsourced to an algorithm, and manual Brush, where you can select unwanted words yourself. Once all text is removed, you can use SnapEdit’s AI for editing and enhancement.

Key Features

  • AI Detect automatically recognizes text-based overlays on pictures;
  • Customizable brush allows you to select text with great precision;
  • Background remover, sky changer, art enhancer, batch editing, etc.
  • You can choose from two text removal regimes – automatic and manual.
  • SnapEdit’s Remove Text tool is available online and extremely easy to use.
  • SnapEdit gives you only three days to try out its text remover for free.
  • AI Detect is far from flawless – it often leaves large visible traces.
  • The brush removes entire letters but leaves a blurry background.

6. Photoroom – Remove Text From Image

photoroom online text remover from photo

Photoroom is a top-rated photo editing tool with many features for creating eye-catching visual content. Its AI Magic Eraser tool is one of the best on the scene—it is trained to erase objects and text overlays with immaculate precision, even on busy backgrounds. If you need an all-in-one AI solution for blog, social media, and product photography, look no further.

Key Features

  • AI Magic Eraser makes objects, logos, and words disappear in seconds;
  • Customizable brush enables you to select miniature and intricate letters;
  • Photoroom offers a feature-rich editor for a complete image makeover.
  • Photoroom is a free text remover from images that is available online.
  • Magic Eraser delivers impressive results even on complex backgrounds.
  • It doesn’t work well on images that are too small or too big.

7. Aiseesoft – Free Watermark Remover Online

aiseesoft free text remover from image

Aiseesoft is a web-based watermark remover designed to erase all types of commercial markings from pictures, including text-based logos and date stamps. The super-simple eraser tool offers not one but multiple ways to select letters before deleting them from the background. Aiseesoft is free without any limitations, but it can make blurry patches on the background.

Key Features

  • AI text and watermark remover that can also erase objects;
  • Multiple text selection tools – brush, lasso, and polygonal.
  • Aiseesoft lets you remove text from an image online for free.
  • More than one way to select text manually improves precision.
  • Imperfect results with blurry areas where letters used to be.

8. AirBrush

airbrush text remover from photo

AirBrush is a one-stop photo editor for desktop and mobile that can help you clean up your pictures from unwanted text, objects, and people. This app is popular among people who enjoy taking – and editing – selfies. It includes a powerful Eraser tool perfect for masking pimples and other blemishes, so it works like a charm, even on tiny letters and numbers.

Key Features

  • The Eraser tool successfully deletes text, objects, and people;
  • The selection brush size can be adjusted for greater precision;
  • Retouching tools, background changer, beautifying filters, etc.
  • Powerful eraser technology that produces near-flawless results.
  • AirBrush includes a plethora of useful features for photo editing.
  • Most functionalities can’t be used without a paid subscription.

Part 2. Things to Consider When Selecting an Online Photo Text Remover

how to choose an online photo text remover

Whether you are a graphic designer, a marketing professional, or a solopreneur content creator, there are a million reasons why you might need to remove text from a picture online for free. Now is the time to analyze your reasons and needs and choose the right tool.

Once you understand your priorities, you can pick the perfect text remover based on its success rate, ease of use, features, and price. These are the key factors to consider:

  • Success Rate – The best text removers can erase all traces of letters without affecting the background or the overall quality of the picture, but they are almost exclusively paid tools. Free solutions usually leave blurry spots where text used to be.
  • Convenience – Ease of use is important for both amateurs and professionals. The fewer steps you must take to complete the process, the better. Online text removers and AI tools are the best in this regard because they are both simple and fast.
  • Functionalities – Whether or not you need added functionalities and photo editing features depends on how you plan to use this tool. Ideally, a good text remover should have essential retouching features that help achieve professional-looking results.
  • Pricing Plan – Text removers can be free or paid, depending on their success rate, UX design, and what they offer in terms of features. Paid solutions deliver better results and offer more functionality, but there are also decent tools you can use for free.

Part 3. What If the Photo is Blurry After Removing Text from Photo?

In today's digital and instant-sharing era, achieving a flawless photo holds immense value. However, the pursuit of perfection can hit a snag, particularly when removing unwanted text from images, often resulting in a blurry outcome. Enter Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Repair, a technological boon specifically designed for photo restoration. This tool effectively tackles the blur issue encountered post-text removal, ensuring your photos remain clear and impactful.

Wondershare Repairit Online

  • Fix any level of corruption with a very high success rate: photos pixelated, covered with grey areas, cannot be opened, etc.

  • It supports customers repairing 300 photos per month and supports each photo of 300M online.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted photos available on SD cards, phones, cameras, USB flash drives, and more.

  • The online version supports various photo formats: JPEG/JPG/CR3/CR2/NEF/NRW/RAF/DNG/TIF/TIFF.

  • The "AI Image Upscaler" feature can enlarge the repaired photos to 2X, 4X, and 8X.

  • Security enough: files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.

  • It fixes photos online without damaging the original quality or integrity.

You can unblur your botched photo right now by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Repairit Online Photo Repair. It’s a web-based tool that can fix any damage on a photograph, including blurry areas created during text removal.

Step 2: Click on Add to launch Repairit in your browser.

deblur photos with repairit online photo repair

Step 3: Select the Photo Repair option from the left sidebar. Click on Add Photo to upload the image you want to fix.

choose photo repair option to deblur photos with repairit

Step 4: Hit the Repair button in the bottom right corner.

repair blurry photographs with repairit

Step 5: You can also use the Advanced Repair option for heavily blurred images. Just upload a photo taken with the same device or of the same format as a sample and Repairit will match its quality.

use repairit advanced repair for heavily blurred photos

Step 6: You can preview the results when Repairit is done unblurring your photo. If you are satisfied, click on the Download icon and save it to your device.

review and save photos repaired with repairit

Wondershare Repairit is a go-to solution for all types of damaged photos. It can successfully erase scratches from old photographs, colorize black-and-white images, sharpen pixelated pictures, and more. This app can even enhance and upscale your photo up to eight times!


As a professional in charge of delivering compelling visual content, you need a reliable text removal tool that produces impeccable results and saves you time. Additional photo editing capabilities are a huge plus, so look for complete solutions like Picsart, Fotor, and Photoroom.

AniEraser and SnapEdit provide excellent alternatives to these solutions. They are quick and seamless and don’t overwhelm users with unnecessary features. Airbrush is another excellent choice for amateur content makers and casual users, but it offers additional features and effects.

Tools like these can’t be used for free, so there’s no need to burn your budget if you are a casual user. If you want to remove text from an image before putting it on your computer background or to post it on your Instagram, use a free online text remover like Experte or Aiseesoft.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis May 15, 24
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Amy Dennis
Written by Amy Dennis
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