An In-depth Analysis of Image Repair Online (Fixes Included)

Image repairing has become an important feat in the market. Since images have developed a professional standard, there have been many upgrades. One such promotion followed through the introduction of image repairing tools. Images tend to get corrupted, so the need for an image repair tool was evident. However, during this development, the concept of image repair online also took charge.

This article introduces you to analyzing a damaged photo repair online tool. Along with a guide, the technical overview would help you understand its effectiveness. Let's find out how a corrupt photo repair online tool helps you out.

Part 1: How Do Images Become Corrupt?

First, we shall examine some important details of why an image corrupts. Although this problem is common, most people are unaware of why it happens. Thus, getting them aware of the problem and its causes is important. This will surely help them look for the right tool that counters their specific case. Let's look ahead into the different reasons for image corruption:

1. Corrupted or Bad Sector in Storage Media

Storage media saves the data across a specific entity that is present within them. Usually, this holds a physical form, such as a disk within a hard drive. If your image corrupts, there is a chance that the storage media might have undergone damage. If the storage media is damaged, it can get corrupted. In other cases, it might have a bad sector that contains the specific image. Thus, it won't run and would show itself as corrupt.

2. Interruption in Data Transfer

Computers are a source of information and hold different data forms. If you send an image to another user, you use the basic data transfer concept. Although there are many forms of data transfer, interruption is a common problem.

If your data transfer gets interrupted for any reason, the data in the process can get corrupted. Likewise, your images can corrupt while transferring them across any other location or source.

3. Problems Caused by Download

As we follow through with other reasons, we see images downloaded from the internet. If the downloaded images are corrupted, the problem can lead to the source of the download. The website you may have been using to download the picture may not be appropriate. In contrast, downloading may have been interrupted, which would have caused corruption. Under such situations, image corruption is evident because of downloading. Find a proper source to download your images and keep the process uninterrupted.

4. Data Degrades Due to Harsh Conditions

If you have put your device in hot and harsh conditions, the storage media within it can get damaged. The hard drive may lose its magnetic orientation, leading to data degradation. Since the bits are corrupted across the media, the file becomes useless. Avoid keeping your devices in hot, humid, and harsh conditions. Such conditions can cause a lot of damage, including data degradation.

5. Virus and Malware Attacks

In other situations, your computer can get vulnerable to viruses and malware. You may have attached corrupted media or tried to download something malicious. This will damage your computer and the content stored across it. Due to viruses and malware, the images present may show data corruption. The only way to avoid this is to install anti-virus software across your computer.

6. Image File Location Changes Unnecessarily

There are a lot of reasons why an image gets corrupted. The other scenario we can think of is the unwanted change of image file location. While accessing the image, you may see it unavailable across its original location. If this is the case, the file may not be available across a reliable location.

7. Damaged Image File Header

Forceful changes in image properties can also cause multiple issues with your image. The image that is displayed as corrupted may have a damaged file header. Since it was changed unnecessarily, this would have made the file useless. Always look into the details while editing, as unnecessary edits can be damaging. If the header is damaged during the process, the image has no use and cannot open properly.

Part 2: Use Online Photo Repair Tool To Repair Damaged Photos Online Free

It is time to look into the details of how you can repair your images across an image repair online tool.

We shall look into Wondershare Repairit Online Photo Repair for this article. It is an excellent image repair online tool to repair damaged photos online free with a very high success rate.

Wondershare Repairit Onine

  • Fix any level of corruption with a very high success rate: photos pixelated, covered with grey areas, cannot be opened, etc.

  • It supports customers repair 300 photos per week and supports each photo of 300M online.

  • Repair critically damaged or corrupted photos available on SD cards, phones, cameras, USB flash drives, and more, as well as incomplete photo parts.

  • The online version support various photo formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG/CR2/NEF/NRW/RAF/DNG/TIF/TIFF.

  • Security enough: files are transferred via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and deleted after 3 hours.

  • It fixes photos online without damaging the original quality or integrity.

Let's look ahead to how you can repair your images with this online tool:

Step 1: Access Online Photo Repair Tool.

You need to access the official website of Wondershare Repairit Online for repairing images. Click on "Online Photo Repair" on the top. Following this, select "Add" to import images.

upload corrupted photos

Step 2: Initiate Photo Repair Process.

As you add the images, click "Repair" to initiate the process. The images would upload and repair in a while. As the images repair, they will be displayed with their results across the next screen. You can click on "Download All" to save the repaired images.

tap on the repair button

Step 3: Try Advanced Photo Repair.

If you are still unsatisfied with the results after previewing them, you can try another remedy. The advanced mode on this image repair online requires a sample image from the user. Click on "Upload Sample Photo" to add the image. Once done, click on "Repair" to try out advanced repairing.

import the sample photo file

Step 4: Export the Fixed Images.

Once it is done, preview the results and click on "Download All" to download the repaired images. You can also download the fixed images individually.

download repaired photos

If you have many photos (over 300 photos per week) that need to be fixed, or the corrupted photo is larger than 300M, even the photo formats are out of the supported range, please try the desktop version of Wondershare Repairit.

Part 3: What Are The Online Photo Repair Product's Advantages?

Before we examine how an image is repaired online, it is necessary to be aware of its advantages. Desktop image repairing tools have been present for a while. Why look for online software? It surely has its benefits. Let's see the benefits so you can understand why an image repair online is preferred:

No Need to Downloading

Having a corrupted image repair online saves you from all download procedures. You are not bound to install software and put a burden on your device's storage. Online tools make the complete process simple and effective, with equivocal results.

No Issues with Compatibility

If you tend to use a corrupt photo repair online, you avoid compatibility issues. As most desktop tools are limited in compatibility, this is not the case with online tools. You can consider any online repairing tool, regardless of your device. This leaves you with no certain tension about the tool's compatibility.

Accommodates Linux Users

Linux users do not have a proper facility for repairing images on offline tools. Having an image repair online gives them this option. Being a Linux user, you can now easily use image repair tools.

Looks After M2 Chip Users

M2 chip has been released, and no particular software is accommodating image repair. In such cases, using an online repair tool for photos solves everything. You won't have any concerns about the tool compatibility, and you can have your image repaired.

Solves All Corruption Types

There are no limitations in resolving corrupted images online. If you tend to use any corrupt photo repair online, it won't hinder repairing any corruption type. So, there is no problem in considering an online image repairing facility.

Part 4: Tips and Tricks to Prevent Photo Damage Again

We shall now lead into discussing the tips and tricks for avoiding photodamage. Who likes to damage their photos? You will always seek something great that will help you avoid photodamage. Rather than trying out tools, these prevention techniques are simpler and more effective. Thus, we will look out into some essential tips as follows:

1. Wait for Software to Complete Image Editing Tasks

The first thing you should always keep in mind is to let the computer process properly. If you overdo things on your computer, executing them will take some time. Under such situations, do not terminate procedures while it is underway. This would save you from getting your images corrupted.

2. Keep File Backups

Another important thing to remember is to keep file backups with you. If you copy the original image to different locations, this will save you a lot. Even if a specific file gets corrupted, you can access it elsewhere.

3. Protect Hard Drive from Harsh Environments

As discussed above, image corruption is directly related to issues with the hard drive. It will corrupt if you do not protect your hard drive from harsh environments. Always tend to keep a check on your hard drive and its health. If it is protected, there won't be any data corruption and sector damages.

4. Do Not Work with Files on Cameras

If you take the images from a camera, do not change their properties within them. Try shifting the file onto your computer and then edit it accordingly. If not managed properly across your camera, it may change its properties which won't open them anywhere.

Part 5: FAQs

  • Q1. Does Wondershare Repairit Online offer other features besides photo repair?

  • A1: Wondershare Repairit Online features several other features apart from photo repair. You can have your videos and files repaired across the platform.

  • Q2. What is the pricing of packages across Wondershare Repairit Online?

  • A2: Wondershare Repairit Online has its assorted packages for better accessibility to features. You can get a Premium Plan for $9.99/month. If you want to extend it for a year, you need to pay up $47.99/year.

  • Q3. Is Wondershare Repairit available on a desktop?

  • A3: Yes, you can download Wondershare Repairit on your Windows and Mac. Enjoy more enhanced features across the desktop tools.

  • Q4. What are the features offered across the free Repairit online?

  • A4: If you tend to use the free version of Repairit online, you will be able to process the following:

    • It supports a total 14 popular video, photo, and file formats.
    • You can only repair images worth 30MB or less in a single time.
    • It does not repair more than 10 videos, 20 photos, or 20 files in 24 hours.
  • Q5. How does Repairit Online secures your shared images?

  • A5: Wondershare Repairit Online operates in a secure and set environment. It transfers the file through a 2048-bit encrypted connection. The files shared across the platform are deleted after 3 hours.


With that, we are done defining how good image repair online tools are. The overview has provided you with the reasons and tips to secure yourselves from image corruption. You have also seen how a corrupted image repair online tool operates. With an introduction to Wondershare Repairit Photo Repair Online, you can resolve image corruption efficiently.