How to Fix A Fuzzy Photo?

Taking photos has become a part of everyone's life. However, there are times when you take a picture, and it turns out fuzzy. Sometimes, this is unavoidable, and these may be your best shots. The question becomes what to do with the pictures. This article explores how to fix a fuzzy photo and provides different methods to make it happen. This information will be advantageous for photographers and everyone who wants to make their fuzzy images sharp again. Now that you know what this article covers, let's take a look.

Part 1:Why My Photos Are Fuzzy?

Most times, we wonder why our photos are fuzzy. Several people face this issue when they take pictures and wonder why it happens. If you're also wondering, below are some reasons why it may be occurring.

Shutter Speed isn't High Enough.

For most people who are not photographers, a top reason for fuzzy photos is a low shutter speed. The main reason why this would be an issue is a dark environment. The fuzzy image that appears usually has a radial effect. This effect means that we would feel like something's dragging the picture. Alternatively, it could be that the subject was moving faster than the camera shutter.

Out of Focus

out of focus can make photos fuzzy

If you have inaccurate focus when taking photos, it will turn out fuzzy. Luckily, there's autofocus these days to prevent these from happening. However, autofocus only helps to keep a part of the image clear while other parts remain fuzzy. The effect being out of focus has on a picture causes the screen to be enlarged and fuzzy. It will also cause some light points to be enlarged in the picture. Out of focus is the camera focusing on the wrong subject.

Unstable Tripod

unstable tripod can make a photo fuzzy

Another reason why you might need to learn how to fix a fuzzy photo is if you're using a tripod and it's terrible. A lousy tripod isn't strong enough to keep the camera steady. A simple gust of wind could threaten it and make it shake. If you use an unstable tripod and it shakes while shooting pictures, your pictures will turn out blurry.

Bad Aperture

a wide aperture can cause fuzzy photos

When your aperture is unstable, it will affect the field's depth. Using a small aperture might be a good choice because the picture you shoot will be clear. However, when you use a larger aperture, and there's no long exposure, only the picture's focus will be clear. The larger the aperture gets, the fuzzier your photo becomes.

Part 2:Methods For How To Fix A Fuzzy Photo

When you open a photo on your smartphone or PC and discover it's fuzzy, it can be annoying. The exciting news is that there's a fix for your fuzzy images. If you want to learn how to fix a fuzzy photo, keep reading.

Method 1: Use Photoshop Sharpen Filter

Many would argue that Photoshop is the best photo editing app. It can remove all the fuzziness in your photos when you learn to fix a fuzzy picture using its sharpening tools. Sharpen tools are pretty helpful in making your images clearer without increasing any noise for the photo. Below are details on how to fix a fuzzy photo using Photoshop sharpen filter.

  • Firstly, open your Photoshop on your PC.

  • Next, go to the 'file' tab and choose 'open' from the options displayed. Choose the fuzzy photo you would like to fix.

open the fuzzy photo to fix
  • Next, go to filter and choose 'sharpen' from the options. This action will provide you with new options; choose 'shake reduction.'

choose shake reduction to sharpen fuzzy photos
  • You can zoom in on your photos to see the blurs, then click around to view details. When you zoom in, you can increase or decrease the sharpening balance to find the fuzziness.

you can zoom in see the source of the blur
  • Choose unsharp mask if you don't have the 'shake reduction feature in your Photoshop version.

choose unsharp mask to sharpen fuzzy photos
  • It will provide you with new options, including radius and threshold. While radius informs you the area where the sharpening will occur, threshold determines the areas that need sharpening. 

use the sliders to determine the sharpness
  • Play with the Amount slider to set the level of sharpening and click okay when you're satisfied with the sharpening.

  • Preview the image, and if you like the job you did, you can save your photo without the fuzziness.

Method 2: Use the Inbuilt Paint Software

Another option you have when learning how to fix a fuzzy photo is using the inbuilt paint software. The paint software is mostly overlooked on many PC but can be pretty beneficial in clearing up your image. Keep reading for details on how to use the inbuilt paint software to fix fuzzy photos.

  • First, you have to launch the MS paint on your PC.

  • Next, open the file you want to fix on the software.

  • Choose effects from the tabs at the top of the software page and then select a photo.

  • This action would provide you with different options; choose 'sharpen' to continue.

choose sharpen on ms paint to sharpen fuzzy photos
  • You can sharpen the image to your preference. Once you're satisfied, simply save the changes, and you have a fuzzy-free photo.

sharpen the image to your preference

Method 3: Use Snapseed

If you want to fix a fuzzy photo on your smartphone, a great app that will come in handy is Snapseed. It allows you to repair multiple images with various damages, including fuzziness. Below are the simple steps you can use to fix fuzzy photos on your device.

  • To get started, download the Snapseed app on your smartphone. You can get it on Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple store for iPhone users.

  • After download, launch the app and select the fuzzy photo you would like to fix.

  • Once you select the picture, tap on ‘tools’ below the screen.

choose tools on snapseed
  • Next, choose details from the options available.

select details to continue fixing fuzzy photos
  • Tap on the sharpen button from the list of options displayed.

select sharpening to fix fuzzy photos
  • From the next set of options, choose unblur. Within a few minutes, your image will be as good as new, only clearer.

Method 4: Use Third-Party Repairit Software – Wondershare Repairit

Another solution when you're learning how to fix a fuzzy photo is to use professional repair software. While there are many on the internet, only a few can truly deliver what they offer. That's why you shouldn't look any further than Wondershare Repairit. This software helps to fix your photos in a few seconds. It repairs damaged and corrupt images, so you never have to lose another picture again.

Wondershare Repairit will have your pictures back to their perfect form. With this repair software, your pictures can still turn out sharp. It fixes fuzziness, distortions, and several other problems in a photo. To fix blurred images using Wondershare Repairit, follow the three steps outlined below.

Step 1: Add Fuzzy Photos

add photo

When you visit the official Wondershare Repairit, you'll find it relatively easy to navigate their user-friendly homepage. At the middle of the page is 'add files.' Click on it, and it will take you to your PC files, choose the file location and choose the fuzzy photo you want to repair.

Step 2: Repair Fuzzy Photos

repair photos

Once you add the fuzzy photo(s), click repair at the end of the screen to start the repair process. Once you click on this repair button, it will take a few minutes for the repair process to be complete.

Step 3: Save Fixed Photos

save photos

After the repair process, you can choose to save all the repaired images. Alternatively, you can select the photos and preview them before saving them. If you're satisfied with the repair, click save and choose the location to save the images.

Part 3:Tips to prevent fuzzy photos

Now that you know how to fix fuzzy photos, you can repair your fuzzy images using any of our methods. However, the best solution is to avoid taking pictures altogether. Below are some quick tips to follow when shooting photographs to prevent them from being fuzzy.

  • Keep Your Camera at a Stable Position: If you know your hands might be shaky while taking photos, it might help to keep the camera in a stable position. One way you can do this is to use a sturdy tripod.

hold camera in a stable position
  • Wait for the Subject to Stop Moving: If your subject is continually moving, you should also hold on till the subject stops moving before you shoot the picture. Doing this will help you avoid motion blur. Some cameras will allow you to choose a movement feature like sports or children. These movement settings recognize movements and help provide faster speeds.

use the sports feature to capture movement
  • Use High-Resolution Photos: Another option you have to prevent fuzzy photos is to use a high-resolution camera. Some high-resolution cameras have auto-focus and ensure your photos do not turn out blurry.

  • Go For a High Shutter Speed: You should also learn to increase your shutter speed. Doing this allows the camera to freeze your subject while they're moving long enough to take the photos.

choose the ideal shutter speed
  • Use Smaller Aperture: The larger the aperture, the fuzzier your photos can get. So, always opt for a smaller aperture.

choose a smaller aperture
  • Wait for Cleaner Air Quality: Sometimes, the air quality is the problem. If the air quality is terrible, it could make your lens dusty or foggy, which would cause fuzzy photos. Therefore, ensure the air quality is cleaner, and your lenses are also clean.

clean your camera lens to prevent fuzzy photos

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Closing Words

There are many reasons why your photo might turn out fuzzy. It could be your camera shaking, poor focus, bad lighting, far subject, and many more. Whatever the reason, a fuzzy photo can affect the photo viewing experience. This article provides you with solutions on how to fix a fuzzy photo. These methods will help you improve the fuzziness in your photos when you follow the steps outlined. Your best option is to use a professional tool like Wondershare Repairit. It will give you the best results and return your photos to their best quality.