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How to Resolve Error 0x800300fd in Microsoft Outlook

One of the common problems faced by Outlook users is error 0x800300fd which usually prevents users from sending and receiving e-mails on Microsoft Outlook. While you can view the e-mails on your webmail, you may not be able to receive or send e-mails to your outlook program. Some users have also reported the inability to close their outlook applications. This problem could as a result of so many issues that are identified in this guide.

Possible Causes for Getting the 0x800300fd Error in Outlook

If you are getting error 0x800300fd on your Outlook and unable to receive e-mails, there is probably a malfunction somewhere. This problem is usually caused by wrong e-mail settings, blockage by firewall or anti-virus software, accidental deletion of a vital registry entry or system file, and some other causes.

Before we learn how to fix error 0x800300fd in Microsoft Outlook, let’s quickly uncover some of its possible causes. In this way, you can understand what could have caused the error 0x800300fd and can even avoid it from happening again.

1. Wrong Configurations

One of the major reasons for getting the 0x800300fd error in Outlook is related to wrong configuration settings. For instance, chances are that you could have entered the wrong addresses for SMTP, POP, or IMAP protocols. There could be a typing error or the addresses that you have mentioned might not be functioning anymore.

2. Outlook Issues

Apart from faulty settings, your MS Outlook app could be corrupted or not functioning. For instance, if you have installed an add-on or a plugin from any unreliable third-party source, then it can tamper with the overall function of MS Outlook.

3. Anti-malware Blocking

At times, the installed anti-virus application on your system can automatically block certain ports, leading to this Outlook issue. The best way to fix error 0x800300fd in Microsoft Outlook caused by this would be to temporarily disable any installed anti-malware tool.

4. Server Issues

Are you trying to access MS Outlook on a closed network? In this case, the main server of your network could have blocked the Outlook component or it might be down.

5. Other Reasons

Besides that, there could be several other application or firmware-related causes for this MS Outlook issue. The VPN that you are using could be down or there might be an unexpected change in the registry editor on your system. Also, if there is a lack of available space in your system’s drive, then it can result in this Outlook error.

How to Resolve Error 0x800300fd in Microsoft Outlook

Error in MicrosoftHow to resolve Error 0x800300fd w the various means of resolving Microsoft Outlook error 0x800300fd below and get back to sending and receiving e-mails messages conveniently.

Method 1: Check your Outlook E-mail Settings

The first thing to do is to confirm the settings of your Outlook e-mail. A wrong configuration in e-mail settings can throw error 0x800300fd

How to resolve error 0x800300fd in Microsoft

  • Start Outlook and Click File;

  • Go to Account Settings -> Account Settings;

  • In the Account Settings menu, go to Change;

  • Go to more Settings and click Outgoing Server;

  • Tick the checkbox beside "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication";

  • Tick the checkbox next to "Log onto the incoming server before sending mail";

Method 2: Disable the anti-virus program and firewall

If the above method doesn't work, error 0x800300fd might be caused by a firewall or anti-virus software in your computer that is probably blocking the transmission of messages; both incoming and outgoing.

  • Uninstall the firewall and anti-virus software on your PC;

  • Delete all junk files of the anti-virus software;

  • Restart your PC;

  • Start your Outlook system;

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Method 3: Disable add-ins

Some add-ins attach to Outlook in a way that closing the application will be made impossible. To realize if your problem is being triggered by an add-in, deactivate all of them and watch if the problem goes away. If your Outlook closes without issues after that, you can activate your add-ins one at a time (restart Outlook when you activate each add-in) to know which of the add-ins is responsible for the problem.

You can deactivate add-ins by following these steps below.

Outlook 2007

Go to Tools, click on Trust Center. Now go to section Add-Ins- and choose the kind of add-in to Manage and click

Outlook/ 2019 / 2013 / 2010 / 2016 Office 365

Go to File and click options. Now go to Add-Ins section and

Method 4: Create a new profile

If after trying the above methods you are still getting 0x800300fd error in Outlook, you can try to create a new profile on your Outlook account. First, restart your system, and then start your Outlook, create a new profile, and try to send new messages.

Method 5: Use Professional Outlook Repair Tool

If the above methods don't work, you can be sure of a professional Outlook repair tool like Wondershare Repairit for Email to resolve the issue conveniently for you.

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Steps to Repair Outlook Data File (.pst) by using Wondershare Repairit for Email

Step 1: Download and insttall Repairit on your PC/Mac.

Step 2: Click "+Select File" button, then choose the "Find" option to pick the PST file you will like to repair.

upload pst file

Then select the "Repair" button to start the scanning and repairing process.

scan and repair

Note: The duration of scanning depends on the file size of the pst and the level of the damage. The application window gives you the possibility to stop the scanning course when you want by ticking the button named 'Stop' in the Repairing PST file dialogue box.

Step 3: Preview and save the fixed PST file.

After effecting the scanning, all the recovered PST files will be shown on the below screen. You can preview the content and details of the fixed file, then save the repaired file by clicking the "Save" button.

preview and save

How to Prevent the Error 0x800300fd in MS Outlook?

As you can see, it is pretty easy to learn how to fix error 0x800300fd in Microsoft Outlook. Though, if you don’t want the error to take place in the future, then consider following these smart tips.

1. Avoid installing third-party add-ons

One of the major reasons for getting the error 0x800300fd in Outlook is the presence of a corrupt plugin or add-on. That’s why you should only install add-ons from trusted sources on your Outlook account.

2. Check connection settings

While setting up a new email profile, make sure that the IMAP, POP, and SMTP configuration inputs are correct and active.

3. Back up of your PST files

It is extremely important to have a backup of your account’s PST file so that you can readily import it if the original file has been corrupted.

4. Have enough space on your system

At times, the lack of available space in the “Temp” folder can also cause this issue in Outlook. To avoid it, always make sure that there is enough space in the C (Windows) drive on your system.

5. Avoid altering system files

A forceful change in your system’s files via the Registry Editor is another prominent reason for the 0x800300fd error. To avoid this, try not to alter any system file unexpectedly.

6. Keep an Outlook repairing tool handy

Most importantly, keep a repairing tool (like Wondershare Repairit for Email) installed on your system. In this way, you can instantly use it to fix error 0x800300fd in Microsoft Outlook without any issue.


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If you are having problems with error 0x800300fd or corrupted.PST files in Microsoft Outlook, Wondershare Repairit for Email, is the most comfortable and most convenient way out. You can also use the tool to resolve many other common outlook problems.