How to Fix Outlook Error 10060? (7 Methods)

Fix Outlook Express Error 10060

Check why the "Outlook error 10060" occurs and the best 7 solutions to fix this error.

Microsoft Outlook has users all around the world because of its advanced functionalities. But sometimes, it also falls below expectations. For example, some users experience Outlook error 10060, which slows down their productivity.

The error shows that Outlook cannot establish a connection with the SMTP server for outgoing mail. If you are also one of the affected users, this post can definitely help you. Here you will know some effective methods which will assist you to get rid of this error.

So, let’s get started.

socket error 10060

Part 1: What is Outlook error 10060?

The outlook error 10060 means that whatever is attempting to connect to the destination server has timed out. This error occurs when people attempt to view their email through an email client application or a website. In the case of email client software, this occurs due to wrong or outdated port settings, and in the case of a website, it is due to the website being down.

Part 2: What will cause the error 10060?

This error happens because of several reasons. And the reasons are:

  1. Poor or wrong installation of Outlook program.
  2. Incompatibility with Firewall Security.
  3. Corrupted registry files or old device drivers.
  4. Incorrect email settings with the SMTP servers.
  5. The presence of viruses blocks Outlook connections.

Part 3: 7 Methods to fix Outlook Error 10060

Now you know why this error happens. So, it’s time to solve it. Let’s discuss the methods that can assist you in solving this error.

Method 1: Use Outlook repair program

To resolve this error, there are several Outlook repair tools available. But Wondershare Repairit for Email is the best Outlook repair program.

YES, you have heard absolutely right.

Wondershare Repairit for Email is an all-in-one Outlook email repair program. It can repair severely damaged PST and OST files on both Windows and Mac. Not only this but it can also restore emails that have been erased for a long time.

Moreover, it can scan problematic emails from anywhere on your computer. I also use this tool when I face outlook errors. So, I recommend you to use this tool.

Wondershare Repairit for Email

1,010,994 people have downloaded it.

  • Repair damaged PST & OST Files in Outlook in all Email corruption scenarios, such as hard disk crashes & bad sectors, virus attacks & tojan horse, outlook corruption & malfunctions, improper shutdown procedure, etc.

  • Restore Outlook emails deleted for a long time and extract the email messages, folders, calendars, etc. within seconds.

  • Restore Outlook Emails deleted for a long time with a very high success rate.

  • Repair emails in bathes without size limits and support to preview all of them before saving.

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, Windows Server 2012/2016/2019, and MacOS X 10.11~ MacOS 12 (Monterey).

Now, I will tell you how you can use Repairit for Email to fix severely damaged emails on Windows.

Step 1: Add your corrupt emails.

Open Wondershare Repairit For Email. Then, choose your corrupted PST/OST emails by clicking “Select File.”

add corrupt emails

Choose the desired email from the specified location by pressing the “Find” button. Then, hit the “Repair” button.

add email

Step 2: Repair the uploaded PST emails.

Repairit for Email helps fix your corrupt PST/OST emails automatically in emails.

repair the corrupt emails

Step 3: Preview and save the repaired emails.

Following the completion of the Outlook repair procedure, you may preview the fixed Outlook mailbox data. Then, select what you wish to save, and click the “Save” button to save the fixed Outlook files.

preview and save the corrupt emails

Method 2: Update the Windows

It is conceivable that Microsoft has already provided updates that address this problem. So, installing every Windows update that is available may be beneficial. How to do this is shown here.

Step 1: To open settings, tap Windows + I.

Step 2: Select Windows Update under Update & Security.

update the windows

Step 3: To search for available updates, click Check for updates in the right pane.

If updates are found, install them following the instructions on the screen. And then, restart the computer to see if connection problem 10060 has been resolved. If there are no more updates or this does not resolve the problem, you can move on to the following method.

Method 3: Scan for viruses or malware

Another hack to solve Outlook 10060 is checking whether malware or virus affects your computer. You can resolve this by scanning the SFC checker. SFC checker assists the users in scanning the whole device for any malware or virus.

To scan the system, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and in the search bar, type “Command Prompt”.

Step 2: Then, select the “Run as Administrator” option after right-clicking on the first search result.

Then, the window of Command Prompt with Admin’s Privilege will be opened.

command prompt

Step 3: Then, type the command “sfc/scannow”.

Run it by tapping the enter key.


Step 4: Now, scanning will start.

If it detects any malware in the system, it will remove them from the computer automatically.

Method 4: Check the names of SMTP and POP3 servers

Now, you must check whether the names of SMTP and POP3 servers are right or not. Also, you need to check the SMTP port and the settings.

Then, enable SMTP server authentication for outgoing traffic. Then, open Settings and choose the “My server requires authentication option.”

After this, you should log into your Outlook account. Then, attempt to send an email. If you see that you can send emails normally, it is good! Otherwise, try to uninstall and reinstall the MS Outlook.

Method 5: Uninstall and reinstall the MS Outlook

The following method you can try to solve this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling MS Outlook. The steps are:

Step 1:  Open the “Control Panel” by navigating the Start menu.

control panel

Then, go to the “Programs and Features” section. 

programs and features

Step 2: Then, find the MS Outlook program by opening the Name menu.

ms outlook

Step 3: Once you find MS Outlook, you must tap on the Uninstall button.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the uninstallation process.

Step 5: After downloading an updated version of MS Outlook to perform the reinstallation process.

Method 6: Disable the Firewall

Although the firewall is a vital security element on Windows 10, deactivating it may place you in an insecure online environment. So, you can test this strategy for a limited period.

Follow these instructions to fix the error 10060 outlook:

Step 1: Tap Window + S to open the search bar.

Step 2: Enter “Control Panel” and select the top match to launch it.

Step 3: Select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off under System and Security>Windows Defender Firewall.

Step 4: For both private and public network settings, select the option to disable Windows Defender Firewall.

To save the changes, click OK.

customize settings

Afterward, you can decide if the problem has been resolved. If the problem reappears, turn on your firewall before moving on to the next method.

Method 7: Disable the Proxy service

Some users have reported that this problem typically happens while using the proxy service. And by turning off proxy, they can remedy the outlook errors. So you may give it a shot.

Step 1: Tap the Windows +R, enter inetcpl.cpl and click OK to access Internet Properties.

Step 2: Select LAN settings from the Local Area Network sections and press the Connections tab.

internet properties

Step 3: To disable the proxy, uncheck the box under the section for Proxy server in the new window.

Then, click OK to save the changes.

lan settings

In this way, the outlook error 10060 can be solved if it occurs because of the proxy

Part 4: What are other common types of Outlook errors?

There are the top 4 common types of Outlook errors which I have discussed in this part. So, let’s begin with the introduction of the first outlook error.

1. Error 0x80070002

PST corruption is the main reason for this error. Since we all are aware that PST is a data file that contains every mailbox item in Outlook, so you may probably get the error 0x80070002 if the PST connected to your current Outlook profile becomes damaged.

error message

2. POP Server Timeout Error - 0x8004210a

The POP server’s incorrect timeout settings are the main source of this problem. Outlook delivers POP Server Timeout error when you attempt to send/receive a large number of email messages.

outlook send/receive progress

3. Not able to Access Outlook Attachments

Users of Outlook often experience attachment issues. To ensure data security, Outlook often bans attachments from unidentified senders. In addition to it, suspicious attachments, corrupt files, etc. may cause this error.

outlook attachments error

4. Outlook Connection Error

You must have run into an Outlook Connection Error. The reason behind this problem is an invalid target machine entry or a mistyped IP address.

internet security warning


That’s all! I hope you have understood how you can fix Outlook error 10060 with the methods mentioned above. So, try these methods. Moreover, I also suggest you Wondershare Repairit for Email to fix this error as it is the most effective option available.