How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C

Fix Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C

Check the main causes that lead to "Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C" and the solutions to resolve this error.

You won’t find a more stable email client software program than Microsoft Outlook. However, it too can be forced to generate error messages if it encounters a problem. The Outlook error code 0x8004060C is a good example of this. This error message is generated by Outlook if a PST file begins to exceed its storage limit.

Error Message:

"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Sending' reported error (0x8004060C): 'The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that you no longer need, and permanently delete them."

Error Message:

Task ‘EMAIL ADDRESS’ - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C'

Error Message:

"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C"

Part 1: Major Causes for Getting the Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C

Before you go through a troubleshooting guide to fix the Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C, let’s get to know about some of its major causes. In this way, you can easily diagnose the error and even avoid it in the long run.

Storage-related Issues

One of the most common reasons for getting the 0x8004060C error code is related to the lack of available space in the Outlook mailbox. Chances are that Outlook could have reached its maximum storage and can no longer accommodate the respective email.

Server Outage

There could be several reasons for causing a server outage in Exchange or Outlook. Needless to say, if the original server of your mailing system is not responding, then you can encounter issues with sending/receiving emails.

Synchronization Problems

Another prominent reason for getting the 0x8004060C error code could be related to syncing issues between MS Outlook and the backend Exchange (or any other) server.

Corrupt Files

The email that you are trying to load or process on Outlook could also be corrupted. Besides that, the PST or the OST file of MS Outlook can also be corrupted or damaged due to several other reasons.

Other Issues

Apart from that, there can be all kinds of other problems in your system or any application, resulting in the 0x8004060C error code. The PST file could be attacked by any malware, the application might not be updated, or any other third-party feature could be blocking the relevant ports on your system.

Part 2: Manual Resolutions for the Outlook Error 0x8004060C

When an Outlook PST file exceeds its size limit, Microsoft Outlook generates the Outlook error code 0x8004060C. Reducing the size of the PST file is a great way to counter the increasing size of the PST file. You can achieve this by splitting, archiving, or compacting the PST file.

The following methods can be tried for the resolution of the error code 0x8004060C.

Method 1: Delete all the items that are no longer required from each of the Outlook folders permanently. This will clear up space in the Outlook mailbox and will reduce the size of the PST file too.

Step 1 Open Outlook and go to File > Tools. Select the option Empty Deleted Items Folder.

empty deleted items

Step 2 Select the option Empty Deleted Items Folder, then click Yes in the dialog box.

Method 2: You may notice that when you delete items from Outlook mailbox, the size of PST file does not decrease, this is because, the deleted data is replaced with white space. In order to eliminate these white spaces, you need to compress the PST file, so compacting the PST file can also help you in reducing the size of the PST file.

Step 1 Open Outlook and go to File > Account Settings.

Step 2 Click the Data Files in the Account Settings.

Step 3 Select the PST file that you want to compress and click the Settings.

Step 4 Click the Compact Now Outlook will compact the file automatically.

compact file

Method 3: Archiving the data from an old PST file by creating a new PST file is also a possible way of reducing the size of the PST file.

Method 4: Splitting large PST files into smaller ones is also a great way of reducing the size of the PST file.

Sometimes the methods that have been mentioned above aren’t able to fix the errors that are generated by the Outlook software. Using these methods can even cause corruption of the PST file. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary to make use of a third-party tool to fix Outlook error code 0x8004060C.

Part 3: How to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST Fileshot

Experts recommend the use of Outlook PST Repair tool like Wondershare Repairit for Email to fix Outlook error code 0x8004060C. Wondershare Repairit for Email is suitable for fixing such errors as it is capable of repairing corrupted PST files with consummate ease. You can use the Outlook PST Repair to repair the corrupt PST file in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it can recover the data from corrupted PST files in a comprehensive manner as well.

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Here is a guide that has been set up for novices and beginners who are learning the use of the Outlook PST Repair software. It offers a detailed set of instructions to them about how to repair corrupt PST file with this tool.

Step 1 Launch of the Outlook PST Repair tool, and click "Select File" button.

select corrupt files

Step 2 Upload the corrupt Outlook PST files by clicking the "Find" button, then start the repair process by clicking the "Start" button.

repair corrupt files

Step 3 Preview and save the repaired Outlook PST file.

After the Outlook PST files are fixed sucessfully, you can double-click the items to preview the contents of these emails, then click the "Save" button to download them locally.

save repaired files

By following this simple approach, you can easily fix the Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C on your system. Furthermore, Wondershare Repairit for Email can further help you overcome various other issues related to your Outlook data by following the same drill.

Part 4: How to Avoid Getting the Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C?

Now when you know how to fix the Outlook Error Code 0x8004060C, let’s get to know how to avoid encountering these issues in the future. Ideally, you can consider the following suggestions to avoid getting such errors in MS Outlook.

Avoid Redundancy

One of the major reasons for getting such Outlook errors is related to duplicate PST files in your system. To avoid these redundant errors, you can manually visit the location of your PST files and avoid getting duplicated entries.

Scan your Servers Frequently

Another prominent reason for getting MS Outlook errors can be related to corrupt data caused by any virus attack. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you can install a reliable anti-malware tool and scan your server and system regularly.

Install Reliable Add-ins

You might already know that we can install all kinds of add-ins on MS Outlook. Though, sometimes a corrupt or unreliable add-in can result in these logical Outlook errors. Thus, you should only install MS Outlook add-ins from reliable publishers.

Other Suggestions

Furthermore, you should make sure that your MS Office Suite is up to date and that it is linked to an active account. Also, you should regularly check the size of your mailbox and be sure that there is enough available space to accommodate new emails in it.


To conclude, Outlook error code 0x8004060C is not a welcome sight for Outlook users. It indicates that the size of the PST file has exceeded its size limit. However, several methods can be used for fixing this error. If these methods fail to fix the error message then you will have to use Wondershare Repairit for Email to fix Outlook error code 0x8004060C. Moreover, you can also learn how to fix the "Cannot Display the Folder" error here.


  • Q1. Why does my Outlook email keep send an error?

  • A1: There could be several reasons for getting errors in MS Outlook. Chances are that there could be insufficient free space in it, or its PST/OST files could be corrupted. At times, even third-party add-ins or applications can also cause unwanted issues with Outlook.

  • Q2. What is an Outlook Error Code?

  • A2: Every Outlook Error has a unique alphanumeric sequence, which is known as its error code. This code helps us identify what issue we are facing and can be used to troubleshoot the error easily.