6 Solutions to Fix Outlook Error 0x80040154

Users who don’t know what the outlook error 0x80040154 means, you must understand that it indicates that the PST file of Outlook is damaged. And PST file is crucial as all your account-related information is stored in this file only. But, you don’t need to be alarmed unnecessarily.

In this guide, we will figure out the solutions that will be effective under such conditions. As we can't risk losing the PST file due to corruption or virus attack, we will resolve the error without any disastrous consequences. So, let's see how the solutions work together.

Part 1: Possible Reasons for Outlook Error 0x80040154:

The first thing we all need to do before we attempt to fix the outlook error code 0x80040154 is to understand the possible reasons behind this. There can be a newly installed application or an anti-virus program affecting the application or some other reason like:

  • The damage was done to the PST file by a third-party malware

  • Virus attack

  • Damaged or incorrect profile

  • Unregistered DLL file

  • Wrongful operation or accidental deletion of important system files

  • Over exceeding the PST file size limit

  • Faulty Add-ins

  • Improper installation of Outlook profile

  • Incomplete configuration of the email account

And some other things might affect the file. As we can see, the PST file is very sensitive, and it holds complete account information of a user. Hence, we need reliable solutions to fix the error.

Part 2: Methods to fix Outlook error 0x80040154:

Let's go through the methods to fix the error together.

Solution 1: Re-register the inetcomm.dll file in Windows:

It often happens that unregistered or deleted inetcomm.dll file leads to the outlook error 0x80040154. When this file is missing, you will keep on getting the same error whenever you attempt to receive new emails. The only solution is to re-register the file.

Step 1: Open the Run window and type- regsvr32 inetcomm.dll and hit the enter key.

You will get on-screen instruction to register the file, and the error will be fixed shortly. Have patience while registering the file as one minor mistake could cost you entire outlook data.

Solution 2: Check the Anti-virus Software:

If the registration of the DLL file doesn’t work, then make sure that you check the Anti-Virus software. A harmful virus may be corrupting the file and leading to the outlook error code 0x80040154. So, you need to update the software and run a scan of the whole system.

After the scan finishes, if there is a virus on the system, remove it instantly. However, if there are no issues, then try disabling the anti-virus software and later try receiving new emails.

If nothing changes, then we can eliminate the possibility that Anti-Virus software is causing the error.

Solution 3: Try Opening Outlook in Safe Mode:

We need to try opening the Outlook application in Safe Mode to check if it still throws the outlook error 0x80040154.

Exit the application and click on it while pressing the Ctrl key. You will be asked if you want to open Outlook in safe mode or not. Tap on the Yes button and run the program. Then try receiving new emails to see if the problem is fixed.

Solution 4: Repair or Reinstall MS Office:

Another great solution to resolve the outlook error code 0x80040154 is to repair or reinstall the MS Office entirely. But make sure that you save other files before you start the process. It can be tedious as you are uninstalling the complete MS office suite. And if the backup isn't available, then the outlook data file, also called the OST file will become inaccessible.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start menu and select the Apps and Features option from the list.

Step 2: Now choose the MS Office product you want to repair and click on Modify. The Office suite repair will initiate, and once the process finishes, check if the problem is resolved.

repair outlook

When the repair doesn't work, then open Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall or change a program > MS Office > Uninstall.

Solution 5: Launch the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant Utility:

There is still one option left to fix the outlook error 0x80040154 if the problem is with outlook configuration. The in-built recovery application Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant will come in handy during such times.

run advanced diagnostics

Open the utility and run an Advanced Diagnostics to identify the problem in the Outlook configuration. As soon as the software identifies the problem, it will start the fix as well. After the process finishes, you can try getting new emails. And if nothing works, then try a professional Outlook repair tool.

Solution 6: Try Professional Outlook Repair Tool:

If you can't figure out the best way to resolve the outlook error code 0x80040154, then we can recommend the Stellar Outlook Repair tool. This software can restore the integrity of the PST file, which is often the leading cause of such errors. It will reconstruct and recover the data of your Outlook account with precision.

Users can download the software for free from the official site. And once it is installed, you can use it right away. Here's how you can use Stellar Outlook Repair for PST file recovery:

Step 1: Run Outlook Repair Tool:

Launch the program, and you will see the Home tab. On the top left side of the software window, you will see the "Select Outlook PST" option. Click on the option, and a small window will open up where you need to add the file for repair.

add outlook pst file

Step 2: Repair the File:

Browse the file from your system if you know the location. And if you don’t know the file location, then click on the Find button to load the file automatically.

pst repair process start

Then hit the "Repair" button at the bottom side of the small window. The software will initiate the repair sequence, and you will be able to see the repaired file.

Step 3: Preview and Save:

It is suggested that you take a look at the file to ensure that your data is in the file. Then click on the "Save Repaired File" option and save the PST file on your system.

preview repaired pst

Now, your Outlook will work without any errors.

The Bottom Line:

As you can see from this guide, we can try several methods to fix the outlook error code 0x80040154. But if nothing works as you expected and recover the data that was lost due to the error, then we have a better suggestion for the users.

We recommend using the Stellar Outlook Repair tool whenever you run into problems related to Microsoft Outlook. This software will guarantee that all the errors will be resolved, and users can even retrieve their lost files, emails, contacts, notes, and other data. Tell your friends and family about Stellar as well to help them repair such random codes with their Outlook.