How to Fix Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble?

While opening items across Outlook, you might be facing some constant errors. Does the error statement says:

"Sorry, we're having trouble opening this item."

Well, this article offers unique and directive solutions if such an error is present on your screen. Work through the provided solutions to find the best case for your Outlook error. Resolve the problem with "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" using the provided guidelines.

Part 1: Realizing What Causes "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" Error

The error indicates a problem across any particular element in Outlook. The "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error is one of the most basic errors a user can face. However, it can happen across a user's account for many reasons. To understand why it happens before you answer how to resolve it, we have listed some reasons:

outlook sorry we're having trouble causes

1. Faulty Add-ins in Outlook

The use of add-ins is described to enhance user experience across Outlook. This can go sideways for any user. The availability of add-ins across an Outlook account means a problematic email client. If you have installed different third-party add-ins in Outlook, it can raise concerns. One such concern is the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error while opening items across it. To cater to this, you have to disable the add-ins in Outlook.

2. Synchronization Problem of Outlook OST File

OST files hold the synchronization of the Exchange with the offline Outlook. All the data added online is saved and recorded across the OST file. As it holds a direct connection with Outlook, OST files can get into different problems. One such problem is the synchronization concerns which can disrupt all Outlook processes. With no proper connection, Outlook won't function properly for you.

3. Outdated Outlook Software on Computer

The problem with "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" can be due to the most basic reasons. If your Outlook has not been frequently updated on your computer, it can raise such a problem. As multiple bugs and outdated features are operating, they can lead to such errors. The only way to get it out of this scenario is to update the software to its latest version.

4. Improper Settings Configured

Issues with the Outlook settings can also be a reason for this specific error in the discussion. Configuration settings are extremely important to define the approach of the email account. If you had made some improper settings in the "View" settings, it might lead to such concerns. You will have to make the best use of the configuration settings to avoid such errors across Outlook.

5. Corrupted Outlook PST File

Outlook PST files hold the complete backup of the data of the Outlook account. If they are not handled properly, they will lead to unnecessary corruption. Such mismanagement and mishandling of the PST file lead to the particular Outlook. You might find the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error while you try using the PST file. It requires an in-depth repair to resolve all Outlook errors.

Part 2: The Best Solutions to Fix Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble

The overview of the reasons was quite diverse and detailed. It is time to move towards the remedies that can resolve such Outlook errors for you. If you wish to get rid of the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error; this is the path to follow!

Fix 1: Disable or Remove Add-ins From Outlook

We will start with disabling or removing the Outlook add-ins from the platform. As discussed, the presence of these elements is habitually problematic. Thus, you need to disable or remove them by using these steps:

Step 1: You must guide yourselves into the "File" tab from the top after launching Outlook.

In the following window, find the "Options" button to launch Outlook Options.

access the options

Step 2: Access the "Add-ins" tab from the left column in the new window.

Next, find the "Manage:" section for accessing the third-party add-ins. Afterward, change the Manage option to "COM Add-ins" and click on "Go" to open a new window.

tap on add-ins tab

Step 3: You must uncheck all the options shown across the new window to disable add-ins.

Conversely, you can select the add-ins and click "Remove" to delete them from Outlook.

disable or remove the add-ins

Fix 2: Rebuild Your Outlook OST File

Synchronization problems can be devastating for users who fail to operate across Outlook. To resolve this problem by avoiding "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble," you have to:

Step 1: Access the "File" tab from the top menu on launching Outlook.

Lead to the "Account Settings" option from the "Info" tab. As you select it, lead to tap on "Account Settings" from the menu options.

access the account settings

Step 2: On the new window, find the "Data Files" tab and proceed to view your OST file.

Select the file and hit the "Open File Location…" button to open the location across File Explorer. You must turn off Outlook from your computer.

open ost file location

Step 3: Right-click on the OST file that you can find across the respective location.

Select the option of "Delete" to delete the OST file. You can copy all the contents of the OST file across another location.

delete the ost file

Step 4: Proceed to re-launch Outlook on your computer again.

As it is done, the Outlook OST file will be automatically rebuilt across your account.

Fix 3: Update Outlook On Your Computer to Latest Version

Another appropriate way to eliminate the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error is to update Outlook. As outdated software never operates, you will have to look out the following guide:

Step 1: Start Microsoft Outlook on your computer and proceed to the "File" tab on the top menu.

As you are led into a new window, find the "Office Account" option from the left.

click on office account

Step 2: You will be led to a new set of options displaying the account information.

Click on the "Update Options" and select "Update Now" in the drop-down menu.

choose update now option

Step 3: As Outlook fetches for updates, it will start installing the available updates.

Fix 4: Change the View Settings For Proper Configuration

Outlook configuration settings can be mishandled without any reason. While reviewing the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error; there can be wrong settings. These settings define the problem at hand, and thus they need to be resolved. Let's look at how you can manage the view settings across Outlook:

Step 1: Start your Run Program on the computer with the "Windows + R" shortcut key.

As the window opens, type "outlook.exe /cleanviews" as the command. Using this command will reset all viewing pane settings across Outlook.

reset viewing pane settings

Step 2: You also need to reset the navigation pane settings of your Outlook account.

For that, use the command "outlook.exe /resetnavpane" across Run. This will resolve all prevailing Outlook setting issues.

resolve outlook setting issues

Fix 5: Repair Your Corrupted Outlook PST File

If you have a corrupted Outlook PST file, functionality across Outlook is difficult. You will receive the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error across most functions. To eliminate this concern, you must repair the corrupted Outlook PST file. The need for a proper repair facility is necessary for such a scenario. Wondershare Repairit for Email is designed with such relative objectives.

You can quickly repair your corrupted data files across this repair platform. While this is available across Windows and Mac, the process is simple and absolute. In addition, its preview feature and quick repair speed enhance the user experience.

  • Repair damaged PST & OST Files in Outlook in all Email corruption scenarios, such as hard disk crashes & bad sectors, virus attacks & tojan horse, outlook corruption & malfunctions, improper shutdown procedure, etc.

  • Restore Outlook Emails deleted for a long time and extract the Email messages, folders, calendars, etc. within seconds.

  • Repair corrupted Emails and restore deleted Emails with a very high success rate.

  • Repair Emails in bathes without size limits and support to preview all of them before saving.

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, Windows Server 2012/2016/2019, and MacOS X 10.11~ MacOS 12 (Monterey).

If you seek to use this tool to fix your data files, the following steps guide you to perfection:

Step 1: Install and Launch Repairit for Email.

Get started with downloading and installing Repairit for Email on your computer. Launch the tool and proceed to tap on "Select File."

tap on the select file button

Step 2: Import the Corrupted Data File as Desired.

You can work with two options as you direct towards importing the Outlook data file. Use the "Find File" function to let the platform search for the file. Go for the "Add File" option if you want to add the Outlook data file manually. Once the file is added, move to click on the "Repair" button to start the repair.

start repairing corrupted pst

Step 3: View the Repaired Data and Save Data.

The process starts, and the Outlook data is displayed across the preview window. The left panel displays and defines all the data that is repaired from the data file. Choose the data you wish to restore and click "Save" to execute.

save the repaired data

Concluding Words

The provided solutions have been quite effective in resolving Outlook errors and can solve the "Outlook Sorry We're Having Trouble" error. You can address the various reasons available with the right set of solutions through this article. Repairing the Outlook data file is another approach for such errors. This can be easily done with the help of Wondershare Repairit for Email.