How to Fix the "Outlook Not Opening In Safe Mode" Error?

Are you constantly having an issue called Outlook won't open in safe mode? Many Outlook users face minor but significant issues with the program frequently. If you want to avoid such issues, it is suggested to use Outlook in safe mode. You might be familiar with it if you have used Microsoft for a long time.

microsoft outlook is not opening in safe mode

However, if you are getting an error like the above, you are not able to launch Microsoft Outlook in safe mode. Besides, there are many ways to open Outlook in safe mode. It will help you in using the program in a controlled environment.

Part 1: What is Safe Mode in Outlook?

Usually, people think of Outlook safe mode to be a standalone app or tool. However, it is a mode that Microsoft Outlook users can use to open the program. It offers some restrictions and features for the benefit of users.

Safe mode ensures that only vital files will be launched when you open Outlook in your system. With this help, if you encounter any issue like with third-party add-ins, you can eliminate it. Besides, you will be able to test the solution for the problem that occurred.

General Steps to open Outlook in safe mode using Windows

If you cannot open Outlook in safe mode, you can try opening Outlook in safe mode. Here are the simple Steps to open Outlook safe mode in Windows 10:

Step 1: On Windows 10, click the Search magnifying glass and type Run.

Step 2: In the second Step, type: Outlook/safe and tap the OK button.

opening the outlook safe using windows 10

Step 3: An Outlook login window will be displayed on your screen.

Step 4: Select a profile for using Outlook. You can pick the default one and click OK.

choosing the profile to run microsoft outlook

Step 5: In the last Step, the Outlook safe mode will launch.

Step 6: The last thing to do is disable the add-ins and restart the program.

Part 2: Why Does Outlook Won't Open in Safe Mode?

There are situations where Outlook users want to open the application in safe mode. But you may not be able to do it. If you can see that your Outlook is not opening in safe mode, you definitely want to know the cause.

The issue of not being able to open Outlook in safe mode has no particular reason. However, after identifying some user experiences, some things that can lead to this problem are:

  • Any issue with the Office programs.
  • A corrupt Outlook profile can also cause this problem.
  • A damaged Outlook data file (ost/pst).

Part 3: Troubleshoot Outlook Won't Open in Safe Mode

Let's move on to the ways that can help you in troubleshooting the Outlook cannot start in safe mode issue:

Fix 1: Update and Repair Outlook

Steps To Install Office Updates

You might need help to open the MS Office application. Installing the Office updates is a solution to eliminate it. Here are the Steps that you can follow to install the Office updates on your computer:

Step 1: The first Step is to open Microsoft Office Suite.

Step 2: After clicking File and choose the Account option.

Note: If you have already opened Outlook, click Office Account and hit File>Office, the next thing to consider is that if you can't see Update Options but only About on the Outlook Product information page, attempt to update Office with Microsoft update. Otherwise, you can go ahead to contact the help desk of the company.

Step 3: Under Product Information, choose the Update Options and move forward by clicking the Update Now button.

Steps To Repair The Office Program For Windows 8, 8.1, 7, or Vista OS

Step 1: First, open the Control Panel, and hit the Programs and Features.

open the control panel

Step 2: Select Microsoft Office in the list of programs and Features dialog box. Then click the Change.

choose change after selecting microsoft office

Step 3: In the next Step, one window will appear.

In this window, choose Repair and click on Continue.

Note:If you can't see the "Repair" option, find and select "Online Repair".

choose repair and then continue to follow the guidelines

Step 4: Now, follow the guidelines appearing on the screen.

It will help you to finish the repair process.

Steps To Repair The Office Program For Windows 10

Step 1: Start by clicking the Windows Start icon. Choose Apps and Features.

select apps and feature after clicking windows start icon

Step 2: Choose the MS Office suite and select the Modify option.

Step 3: Now, a window will pop up on the screen. , select Online Repair>Repair.

Step 4: Lastly, follow the instructions available and complete the repair process.

Note: If you can't open MS Office or don't get any solution with online repair, attempt to uninstall Office. You can do it by using the Office Uninstall Support tool.

Fix 2: Manage the Add-ins

In the following method, you can manage the add-ins you have enabled. Some situations where a few add-ins restrict the opening of Outlook safe mode. Disabling them can help you to launch Outlook effectively in safe mode.

manage the add-ins to open outlook safe mode

It is recommended that the plugins creating the issue be removed or disabled. Moreover, the update of the latest versions of the plugins is also vital in your application. By doing this, you can run Outlook in safe mode.

Fix 3: Create a New Outlook Profile

Many Outlook users confirmed that creating a new profile also helped them fix the issue. Hence, it is on this list for you. Here are some Steps to help you create a new Outlook profile.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel.

Now search and choose the Mail. (You might only be able to find the Mail icon if you have installed the Outlook program on your computer.)

open control panel and select mail

Step 2: You will see the Mail Setup dialog box in the second Step. Click the Show profiles.

click show profiles in mail setup dialog box

Step 3: Now click Add in the pop-up window.

next Steps is to click on add

Step 4: In the next Step, you need to enter a name for your new profile. Now, choose OK.

choose new name and click ok

Step 5: Now, the Add New Account will be displayed.

You can specify the vital details here to add a new email account. After this, click Next.

add the details and click next

Step 6: In the last Step, click Finish after completing the account configuration.

Finally, check if you can open Outlook safe mode.

Fix 4: Repair the Outlook Data File

The last method involves repairing corrupted data files and emails. Many ways can help you. However, here is a tool that is the best way to treat damaged files. Repairit is a tool of Wondershare that will enable you to repair corrupt files quickly.

Repairit for Email

If your Outlook won't start in safe mode or repair is needed, first check if any ost or pst file is corrupted. Repairit is the software that can help you with both Windows and Mac. Before knowing the Steps to use the tools, let's see the great features of it.

Some features of the Repairit tool that will help you:

  • At first, the tool offers complete support to the PST and OST files. Both are email formats that people use.

  • With Repairit, you can easily add batches of files and see the preview of the repaired files before a final save.

  • If you have lost or deleted a file for a long time, Repairit offers you the facility to restore it effectively.

  • Windows and Mac users can use the Wondershare Repairit tool without hesitation.

Steps to use Wondershare Repairit for your Windows:

Step 1: Upload the damaged email files.

Start Repairit for Email, and you will see the interface with options for selecting PST or OST emails. After that, select a file to upload and then click Select File.

upload the corrupt email files

You will be reminded to choose files from the specified place via a window. By selecting Find, you can search through several locations to find the corrupt emails. You can choose them directly by selecting Add File if you already know where they are.

click find to search the damaged emails

Step 2: Repair the uploaded email files.

Please click on the blue Repair button after adding the emails. Your damaged emails will be immediately restored by "Repairit for Email" in seconds.

hit the repair button to start repairing

Step 3: Preview and Save the corrected files.

All mended emails can be found on the left panel once the repair procedure is complete. An email file can be double-clicked to provide a preview of its contents before being saved to a specific location.

preview before saving the corrected email files

Steps to use Wondershare Repairit for your Mac:

Step 1: Start the repair process after uploading the corrupt files.

After uploading the files that are corrupt, you need to start the repair procedure. It will start by clicking the Repair button.

add files and click on repair to initiate the repair process

You can see the fully fixed emails in front of you in seconds. On your screen, you'll see the interface listed below:

repaired files after using repairit

Step 2: Before saving, you can preview the repaired files.

After the restoration procedure is finished, you will be allowed to preview the repaired files in the last stage. If you are happy with the outcome, save the fixed emails. You must first choose the location for the files.

preview before saving the file


In safe mode, you can fix "Outlook fails to launch." Do you wish to use the above procedures to fix the error manually? You can attempt restoring your Office program or making a new Outlook profile to fix the issue.

However, if none of the solutions work, your OST or PST may be corrupt. In that situation, you can use the Repairit tool by Wondershare. It will help you fix the files and hence the issue with the launch of your Microsoft program.