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How to Fix Outlook Email Notification Sound Not Working?

Is your Outlook email notification sound not working? When a new email comes in Outlook, the program informs users by playing a sound and displaying a notice. This email notification sound notifies users of new emails, ensuring they do not miss any critical communications. If the email notification sound is not working in Outlook on your device, this guide will assist you in resolving the issue.

Without further ado, let's discuss the resolutions you can use to fix this issue.

outlook not making notification sound

Part 1: Why Is Email Notification Sound Not Working In Outlook?

Even if you create a particular rule for incoming emails, you will not receive a notice if the play a good option in your Outlook client is deactivated. However, sound issues on your smartphone, PC, and the activated focus assists (silent hours), might result in a no-notification sound.

You may face an Outlook notification no sound issue if Outlook is not added to the sound and notification settings.

When the message arrival checklist is deactivated in the Outlook client, email alerts will not show on Windows. These explanations also apply to the Outlook mobile app not receiving notification sounds.

To avoid this, you must activate email notification alerts on Windows and other devices. To resolve the sound problem in Outlook, continue reading.

Part 2: How to Fix Outlook Not Creating Notification Sound?

On Windows, ensure that the notification sound for Outlook emails is enabled. You may also create a new Outlook rule that sounds like when a new email arrives. Furthermore, deactivate quiet hours on Windows 10/11 to make Outlook's email notification sound function.

As you are aware, there are several reasons why the outlook sound notification is not working on Windows 10. Whatever the cause or how hard it appears, following the methods outlined in this article will undoubtedly solve the problem.

So, without further delay, let's fix your Outlook client that isn't creating any form of notification sound. Here are several workarounds for email notification sounds that aren't working in Outlook:

Fix 1: Enable Outlook Sound

If you disable the Outlook notification sound for any reason, Outlook will refuse to produce any noise, even if the sound output is set to the highest setting.

When you miss an Outlook notification, the first thing you look at is to check to see if the Outlook notification sound is activated.

To activate the sound in Outlook, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Outlook client on your device.

Step 2: Select Option from the drop-down menu after clicking the File tab.

select the option from the drop-down menu

Step 3: From the left pane, select the Mail tab.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Message Arrival option.

Step 5: In the Message arrival menu, select Play a sound and click OK.

tick play a sound box

Exit Outlook and restart the program. If there are no other problems, Outlook will make a beeping sound.

Fix 2: Allow Email Notification Sound

Did you disable the Windows notification sound? Check it out. Outlook cannot route sound through your device if you deactivate that in your sound settings.

Enable email notification with the following method.

Step 1: To access Windows settings, press Windows + I.

Step 2: Select Sound Settings from the system settings menu.

check system sound settings

Step 3: Scroll down and select More Options. A new window will open.

scroll down for more sound options

Step 4: Navigate to the Sounds tab.

Step 5: In the program events menu, look for the New Mail Notification.

navigate to the sounds tab

Step 6: Select your preferred track from the sounds (drop-down) option.

Step 7: To save the sound, click apply, then OK.

Fix 3: Set a New Rule for Outlook Inbox

You can create a new rule if Outlook refuses to broadcast email alerts. By establishing a new rule, you can specify which senders will receive a notification sound.

Step 1: Start Microsoft Outlook from your computer.

Step 2: From the dashboard, go to File and then Manage rules and alerts.

Step 3: Choose New Rules from the left-hand menu.

Step 4: From the stay up to date menu, select play a sound.

play a sound when you get messages from someone

Step 5: Select the option where my name is in the to box.

Step 6: Select a sound in step 2, and then select a sound from the media file.

select sound from the media file

Step 7: When you observe that the specified rule is functional, click Next.

Part 3: Fix Email Notification Sound Not Working Particularly In Outlook

It is aggravating when you realize that you need to receive an adequate notification, even after completing all of the changes to correct the Outlook notification sound.

Fix 1: Enable Outlook Notification on Windows

You may customize programs with access to notification sound in the Windows settings menu (regardless of Windows version). You may then control the notification texts as well as the sound.

From there, enable Outlook notification sound. Accomplish? Do you need to learn how to do that? Follow the directions.

To activate Outlook notifications on Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: To access Windows settings, press Windows + I.

Step 2: Go to System Preferences > Notifications.

enable outlook notification on your system

Step 3: Scroll down until you see Outlook.

Step 4: Select Outlook and allow the option to play a sound when a notification arrives.

turn on play a sound when notifications arrive option

You're ready to go. Outlook will now play a notification sound whenever a new email arrives. If the problem persists, try this alternative solution.

Fix 2: Disable Focus Assist

Enabling concentration help offers its own set of advantages. Focus Assist helps prevent new alerts from appearing on your screen, allowing you to concentrate on your present task. However, notifications can be difficult to focus on the task if you get them on your screen.

Disable focus assist if you still don't hear an email notification sound. To disable focus assist in Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter settings into the Windows search box and press Enter.

Step 2: Navigate to System Settings and then to Notifications.

Step 3: Select Focus assist and turn it off.

turn off the focus assist option

You may change the time and other criteria under the Automatic rules section when deactivating the concentration aid.

These are the tried-and-true methods for Outlook failing to provide notification noises when an email arrives. Make careful to follow the instructions exactly as instructed, and you'll obtain a favorable result.

Part 4: Try A Professional Outlook Repair Tool within Clickshot

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A Step-by-Step Procedure for Repairing Your Corrupted Outlook Data File

The following methods to fix your Outlook Data file will help you understand how the software works.

Step 1: Choose the data file to be repaired.

Open Repairit for Email and look for the Select File option on the interface screen. Select the data file to be repaired.

press select file to upload the file

You will be prompted to pick files in a popup window. If you know the location of the corrupt emails, you may locate them by clicking "Find" or "Add File."

find or add file your damaged files

Step 2: Begin the File Repair process.

After you've added emails, click "Repair." Repairit for Email restores corrupt emails instantaneously.

press repair to fix your emails

Step 3: Preview and Save.

Once the repair operation is done, the repaired emails will be displayed on the left panel. You may see its contents by double-clicking an email and then storing the file.

preview and save the emails


Microsoft Outlook is intended for professionals who want to be notified anytime a new email arrives. You can only keep track of all the emails that arrive in your inbox with the notification sound. Use these techniques if you are facing an Outlook notification sound not working issue. They surely can help you resolve this issue.

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