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If you're having issues registering for or using your Wondershare Repairit account, you can resolve many common issues on your own, and our support team can help with the rest. Register Now.

Registration & Account

How do I register Repairit on Windows/Mac?

Case 1: If you have already create an account in Wondershare officail website, you just need to input your account email and password.
Case 2: If you do not have a Wondershare officail account, you can jump to https://accounts.wondershare.com/web/login to register an account and then you can login Repairit by inputing account email and password.

*Click here to finish a quick registration.

Case 1:

Step 1: Click on the link https://accounts.wondershare.com/web/login

Step 2: Click on "Create Account"

Step 3: Fill in the information: email address, password, first name, last name and country. Then press the "Create Account" button to go ahead.

Step 4: The system will send verification code to your email. Check your email box and input the code. If you don't get the verification code, you can resend it.

Step 5: Once you input the correct code, the web will show that you have successfully create an account.

Case 2: Continue with your Google account, Facebook account, Twitter account or Apple account.

Go to Wondershare account website: https://accounts.wondershare.com/web/login

Step 1: Input your account email and then click "Next" to procceed.

Step 2: Press "Forget your password". Then the system will send verification code to you. If you can't receive the code, you can wait after 60 seconds to resend it.

Step 3: After input the correct code, the web will jump to "Set Password" window. You only need to set and confirm the new password. Then you solve the issue.

In the situation, you only need to redownload the latest Repairit version, and try to activate your account again.

If the registration failed, please check the below information to find the reason:

1. The licensed email is wrong. Check whether there is an error or not, or change a conceivable email address.

2. The password is wrong, follow the guide to reset your password.

3. Try to sign in with Google account, Facebook account, Twitter account or Apple account.

Step 1: You can wait after 60 seconds, and resend identity the verification email.

Step 2: Test whether your email account can receive the email normally. (Ask your friend to send a test email).

Step3: If your email account can receive the test email normally, you can contact Wondershare support team to solve the issue. If your email box cannot receive any email, you need to check the network connection, or contact the email provider for help.