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Peview & Save

The program said it saved files successfully, but I just found an empty folder?

Case 1: Save Failure due to Lack of Space

The system fails to save the repaired files due to the lack of free space.
Please check the free space of the drive.
Try to save the repaired files to another storage device.

Case2:Save Failure due to the Wrong File Path
There are errors in the path selected for repaired files.Please change the other path to save your video/photo
In this case, please right-click an individual file in Repairit and recover it to the root directory of a drive to see whether it is there. If you already closed the program, you can run it again, choose the function you used to scan the drive and load previous scanning results.

Case3:Save Error
Errors occurred during the Save. In this case, you can resave an individual file to see whether it can open.

Case4: Wrong Target Path
The file system of the drive you used to save recovered files isn't supported by Windows. Please try saving files to an NTFS or FAT32 partition.

Sometimes, the inferred information is inaccurate due to the current structure information. You are advised to check whether the video format is supported by the video player or not. If not, you can change another player to open the vidoes.

Please refer to the list of formats that can be previewed by the software below:


jpeg/jpg /cr3 /cr2 /nef /nrw /tif /dng /arw /gpr

Reapirit will provide several repair solutions when fixing the damaged pictures. Therefore, there will be several repaired pictures of different resolution.

In the "Repair" window, there is a number showing the exact repair results. You can choose to preview the pictures and and select the most satisfying one.

1) If you fail or cancel to repair the files, you cannot save the files.

2) If the storage is not enogh, it will lead to save failure. Try to change the storage path.

3) If you cancel to save a large video during the long saving time, it will cause failure. Don't cancel the saving process even though it is long.

4) There might be other problems. It is advised that you try to resave it.

5) If all the attemps fail, you can cantact the support team.