An Ultimate Guide To Save Snapchat Videos and Protecting Memory

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Amy Dennis Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Sep 28, 23

Do you want to know how to save Snapchat videos? You came to the right place! Snapchat is a widely popular social sharing platform used by millions of users worldwide. However, the app has certain limitations, such as the inability to save snaps without notifying the sender. It can be frustrating, especially when you want to keep a video someone sent you.

snapchat application on mobile phone

This post will guide you through different methods to download Snapchat videos to your device. If you want to save Snapchat videos, keep reading to learn how.

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  1. What Is The Right Way To Download Your Snapchat Videos Before Sharing Them?
  2. Effectively Save Snapchat Videos From Your Story
  3. Downloading Snapchat Videos Without Expiration Timer From Others
  4. Downloading Snapchat Videos With Expiration Timers From Others
    1. For iPhone Users
    2. For Android Users
  5. What Is The Fix If The Downloaded Video Is Corrupted?
  6. Some Tips To Keep Your Memories Safe

Part 1: What Is The Right Way To Download Your Snapchat Videos Before Sharing Them?

There is a way to download your own video on Snapchat before sharing it. Check out the steps below to do it effortlessly.

Step1 To capture a video on Snapchat, hold down the shutter button until the preview screen shows up. Then, tap the "Save" button at the bottom-left of the preview screen to save the video.

tap the save button at bottom left

Step2 Your videos on Snapchat will be saved in the "Snaps" category of Memories inside the application. In order to access Memories, click on the card icon beside the shutter button on the camera interface.

snapchat video saved in snaps

Step3 Long-press on the saved video and then select "Export" from the list of options that appear on the screen's bottom. Once the share sheet shows up, tap the "Download" option to save a Snapchat video to your phone's photo gallery.

choose select and then download

To save your photos and videos private from curious friends and family. Take advantage of Snapchat's "My Eyes Only" feature.

Part 2: Effectively Save Snapchat Videos From Your Story

You can do it easily if you want to save a video you shared in your Story. Following are the steps that will help:

Step1 To access your profile page, tap the Bitmoji icon at the screen's top-left corner. Next, click on the horizontal three dots menu icon, which is positioned beside the "My Story" heading. After the pop-up appears from the bottom, choose "Save Story."

choose the save story option

Step2 A confirmation message will notify you that Snapchat will store the entire Story in your Memories. To confirm this action, simply tap "Yes." Utilizing this technique will save all of your Stories in the Memories section. Additionally, you can choose specific stories to save.

tap yes to confirm the save action

Step3 To save a specific Story, go to the profile page and select the Story you want to save. Next, swipe up on the screen or click the vertical three-dot menu icon at the top right corner. Finally, click the "Save" icon that appears in the bottom left corner.

click the save icon

Step4 As mentioned previously, it is now possible to perform a long-press action on a video that has been saved in the "Memories" section of Snapchat. Then, tap the "Export" button. You can select the "Download" button by accessing the share sheet. It will result in the Snapchat video being saved to your camera roll.

tap export and select download

Part 3: Downloading Snapchat Videos Without Expiration Timer From Others

Sometimes you receive a looping Snapchat video. It means that the video does not have an expiration timer. You can see the option to save this video in the chat window. Afterward, you can download this saved video to your camera roll.

Check the following steps to see how it works:

Step1 To save a video sent by someone on Snapchat, press and hold the video, then select the "Save in Chat" option. However, this option is unavailable for images and videos set to "play once" before sending. Once the video is saved, both the sender and recipient will receive a notification and see it in the conversation window.

choose the save in chat option

Step2 After saving the video, long-press it again and choose the "Save to Camera Roll" option. Snapchat will inform the other party that you have saved the video to your camera roll! This feature emphasizes the messaging app's commitment to safeguarding your private photos and videos by valuing your privacy.

select save to camera roll

Part 4: Downloading Snapchat Videos With Expiration Timers From Others

Snapchat is an application that does not allow users to download videos directly. But if you still want to do this, you have two options: first is to use the phone's screen recording feature, and the second is to use screen recording apps.

note icon
Note: It is worth mentioning that the sender will get notified when your screen records the video they shared in the chat window. Hence, it is not recommended to record a Snapchat video.

Part 5: Best Solutions To Save Snapchat Videos Sent By Someone

Let's check some top solutions to save the Snapchat videos you received from someone.

For iPhone Users

Solution 1: Use iOS Screen Recorder

If you use a Mac or iPhone, you can use the iOS Screen Recorder to save Snapchat videos. It is known as a reliable and secure method to record the activity of your screen without violating the terms and conditions of Snapchat.

The iOS Screen Recorder tool is compatible with significant iOS versions and can also be used for Windows systems. You can use it both on desktop and mobile. Following are the steps to use for a Mac desktop or laptop:

Step1 To begin saving Snapchat videos, first, obtain iOS Screen Recorder by downloading and installing it onto your device. Next, open the application to access its features and settings. You can see different options provided by iOS Screen Recorder.

install the ios screen recorder

Step2 It is also possible to establish a wireless connection between your desktop and iPhone by linking them to an identical WiFi network.

Step3 To project your device's screen, you may use Airplay (or Screen Mirroring). Or, activate it from the notification bar once you connect your phone to the system. To begin mirroring your screen, select the "Dr.Fone" option.

choose dr fone to mirror screen

Step4 The mirroring process will begin. You will then see a screen that displays two buttons. One button enables you to capture screen activity, while the other allows you to view the entire screen. To save a video from Snapchat, open the app on your iPhone and record the screen activity before tapping the desired video.

before opening the video start screen recorder

You can use Snapchat as usual while the screen activity is being recorded. Once you have finished recording, stop the process and save the resulting file onto your system.

Solution 2: Use QuickTime On Mac

Another best screen recording application for your Mac system is QuickTime. It is owned by Apple and hence is a reliable option to use for screen recordings. Besides, it is easy to use. Below are the steps to use this tool:

Step1 Download QuickTime and install it on your Mac computer. After that, open the application and connect your iPhone to the computer. You can do it via a lightning cable.

Step2 To start the process, you must choose the "New Movie Recording" option after launching QuickTime.

select new movie recording option

Step3 Next, you will be asked to choose a source for your recording. Click the downward-facing arrow near the recording icon to access all available options. From there, select your phone as the recording source.

select your phone as recording source

Step4 Allow QuickTime some time to reflect your phone's display. Then, proceed to launch Snapchat on your mobile device and, before playing the video, commence recording using QuickTime.

open snapchat and start quicktime

Once you have finished recording, click on the stop button and save the video.

For Android Users

Solution 3: Use MirrorGo

An effective way to record the screen on an Android device is using the MirrorGo Android recorder. Following are the simple steps to use this tool:

Step1 To obtain MirrorGo, visit its official website and install it on your system. You may either establish a new account or log in using your existing credentials.

Step2 First, make sure to enable the USB Debugging option on your device. Then, connect your phone to the system using a USB cable.

check the usb debugging option

Step3 After establishing the connection, go to the notification bar and select "USB Options" to proceed.

proceed with choosing the usb options

Step4 You can choose how to connect your device from this point. To establish a connection, ensure that MTP is enabled and not set to "Charger only." Alternatively, you can establish a wireless connection.

check the mtp is enabled

Step5 Once you have mirrored your phone, you will notice additional options on the screen. To begin recording a video using Snapchat, click on the icon before opening the video.

open recorder before starting the video

Step6 After completing the recording, press the stop button, and a similar screen will appear. To retrieve your video, click on the file path.

tap stop after recording completion

Solution 4: Use Casper

The following best famous alternative tool to save Snapchat videos is Casper. If you want to avoid connecting your phone to the system to record videos, Casper is the right choice. Following are the steps to use the tool:

Step1 As Casper is not accessible on the Play Store anymore, you may obtain it from this location instead. After installation, launch the application and enter your Snapchat login information to transfer your data.

Step2 The user interface will resemble Snapchat's interface. Now, open the video you want to save. You can see the download icon at the top right corner. Tap it and save the video.

open video and tap the save icon

Step3 To view the video, navigate to the "Saved Snaps" folder in your device's Settings. You can watch the video from there and transfer it to a different location.

move to saved snaps and watch the video

Quick Comparison

The four-screen recording tools above are practical to use. While the first three require you to connect your mobile phone to the desktop when you want, do not use the tool on the phone only. However, the last tool for Android devices allows you to use the tool without connecting your desktop to the phone.

So, use the first two solutions for Mac or iOS. The following two are best for Android. Additionally, use Casper if you want to save time connecting your phone to the laptop.

Part 6: What Is The Fix If The Downloaded Video Is Corrupted?

Sometimes the Snapchat videos you download might get corrupted. Wondershare Repairit is an online tool that can help in such a situation. Its video repair facility is excellent for resolving any issue with downloaded videos. Read more about it!


official website of wondershare repairit

Video repair of Wondershare Repairit can fix your video damage for any reason. It supports formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, and more. The tool is compatible to use on Windows and Mac systems. Besides, it offers different options like batch video repair, fixing videos of any quality, and more.

Check some exceptional features of Wondershare Repairit below:

  • Batch video repair for faster results.
  • Preview of videos during playing.
  • Effectively repair 8K and HD videos.
  • Higher success rate for precise outcomes.
Free Download
Free Download

Part 7: Some Tips To Keep Your Memories Safe

When you download videos and other files to your system, there is always a threat to the storage. However, some practical ways can help you in keeping your memory safe. Below we have listed a few tips that you can try.

Tip 1: Schedule regular backups of your files.

Tip 2: Create double protection for your system.

Tip 3: Before installing anything, ensure to check your system.

Tip 4: Check the recovery plan to keep your files safe.


Ultimately, screen recording is the best way to save Snapchat stories and videos. We have listed the best screen recording tools for iOS and Android above. You can pick any and start saving the Snapchat video you like.

Besides, there is a possibility of damaged downloaded videos. Wondershare Repairit is a tool that can save you from such a scenario. The tool can repair video corruption due to any reason within seconds.

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