How to Download Zoom Videos: Top Zoom Chrome Extensions

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Amy Dennis Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Sep 21, 23
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Are you experiencing problems with attending Zoom meetings from the web? If you are, you’re not alone. Although the Zoom desktop app has many top-grade features, the web app is quite limited and basic. 

It misses many valuable functionalities, such as automatic sync with Google Calendar and note-taking. In addition, Zoom doesn’t make it any easier to attend meetings from the web. Fortunately for you, that’s nothing the top Chrome extension for Zoom can’t fix.

User-friendly Zoom Chrome extensions can help you tackle all potential issues when attending web-based Zoom meetings. However, that’s not the only thing these extensions can do.

They can also enable you to download Zoom videos and recordings. With that in mind, read on to learn how to download Zoom videos with the best Chrome extensions.

In this article
    1. Making your meeting sessions more accessible
    2. Gathering essential data from your meetings into a central repository
  1. What Are Video Download Chrome Extensions for Zoom?
  2. How to Download a Zoom Video With an Extension
    1. Zoom Recording / Video Downloader
    2. ZED: Zoom Easy Downloader
    3. Zoom Utils
    4. Zoom Chrome Extension
    5. Zoom Closer
    6. VideoMirror
    7. Tl;dv
  3. Potential Issues When Downloading Zoom Videos

Part 1: Benefits of Downloading Zoom Videos

how to download a zoom video

Here are some excellent reasons to consider downloading Zoom videos.

Making your meeting sessions more accessible

  • Zoom makes your business data readily available, as accessibility is critical to a modern-day business organization.
  • Downloading Zoom videos is an excellent way to build a database for analysis and intelligence sharing.
  • Zoom videos can also help you develop an alternative learning and training resource to educate your employees, review meeting efficiency, and analyze workforce performance.
  • Use your Zoom recordings to create knowledge bases and improve data distribution across your organization.

Gathering essential data from your meetings into a central repository

  • Since data management can be incredibly time-consuming, Zoom can help you improve your organization by gathering all the essential data from your presentations, webinars, and meetings in one place.
  • Improve your efforts and save time by downloading Zoom videos for further analysis. This analysis will provide actionable insights you can amass in an insights library. Turn your insights library into a data repository.
  • Use your data repository to make frequent updates, identify essential topics, recognize patterns, locate keywords, and more.
  • Instead of dealing with tedious chores, keep all your Zoom files in one place and simplify the management of all your essential Zoom recordings.

Part 2: What Are Video Download Chrome Extensions for Zoom?

video download zoom chrome extensions

Video download Chrome extensions for Zoom help you have the best online meeting experiences. Although these services serve various purposes, they all have one thing in common – to help you download Zoom videos quickly, securely, and effectively to hold better meetings.

Most Chrome extensions for Zoom are free, open-source applications. For example, ZED is a free video downloader from Zoom. The app provides an easy and fast way to download Zoom videos for offline storage, watching, and studying.

You can store the downloaded videos on your desktop device. Chrome extensions like ZED are compatible with all operating systems and devices. Google Chrome extensions for Zoom exist to streamline running Zoom meetings and make them as smooth as possible.

You can use them to make your meetings more productive and give each attendee an excellent online experience.

Part 3: How to Download a Zoom Video With an Extension

download a zoom video extension

To download a Zoom video with a Chrome extension, you must first add an extension to Chrome. Visit the Chrome Web Store and select your Zoom extension. Choose the Add to Chrome option to add the extension to your Chrome browser. Run the extension and locate the Download option. Follow the instructions to complete the process. If you’ve selected ZED, follow these steps to download a Zoom video:

  1. View a video.
  2. Locate a blue banner at the bottom of the viewing page.
  3. List available download options.
  4. Click Download to start downloading your video.

Part 4: Best Video Download Zoom Chrome Extensions

Here’s a list of the best download Zoom video Chrome extensions in 2023.

1.     Zoom Recording / Video Downloader

zoom recording video downloader chrome extension

Zoom Recording / Video Downloader is a Chrome browser extension that enables you to capture Zoom recordings and download videos.

The free productivity downloader adds the download option below the streaming video. Run the extension, find the video you want to download, and click Download. Select the Save link as option to save the video to your device.

2.     ZED: Zoom Easy Downloader

zed zoom easy downloader chrome extension

ZED is an excellent free Chrome extension for downloading Zoom videos directly onto your desktop. You can download videos from web pages and save your files for offline consumption. The ZED plugin only requires a Zoom video link to do its magic.

That makes it perfect for situations when a video isn’t available for download. Add a video to ZED, and you’ll notice a blue banner at the bottom of the viewing page with download options. Click Download to save a file as MP4.

3.     Zoom Utils

zoom utils chrome extension video downloader

This free video download extension for Chrome is a go-to option if you frequently use Zoom videos for educational purposes. Aside from allowing you to download Zoom videos, Zoom Utils also enables you to track all your Zoom sessions. It notifies you when the next session is about to start and sends you a direct link to your video.

4.     Zoom Chrome Extension

zoom google chrome extension video downloader

Zoom provides its native-based Google Chrome extension for video downloading, web conferencing, and screen sharing. The free extension includes password protection, top-grade video conferencing, and more. Install the Zoom browser extension on Google Chrome, stream a video, and you’ll see the option to download it.

5.     Zoom Closer

zoom closer video downloader chrome extension

Each time you launch a new Zoom video, you see a new tab redirecting you to the Zoom app. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, you can get rid of it for good with Zoom Closer. This free Chrome extension automatically closes that tab for you and allows you to create visual coherence by eliminating distractions. In addition to removing nuisances, Zoom Closer is an excellent Zoom video downloader.

6.     VideoMirror

videomirror zoom downloader chrome extension

VideoMirror allows you to mirror the screen left-to-right on any Zoom video and view video calls from a different perspective. Since its primary function is to mirror all videos on any webpage, VideoMirror works on any website with video content.

Install it on your web browser, go to a page with the video you want to download, and click the VideoMirror icon. The extension will mirror all videos on the page and show you the option to download.

7.     Tl;dv

tldv zoom google chrome video extension

Unlike most Zoom extensions for Chrome, Tl;dv is a multipurpose extension that allows you to record your videos to the cloud. Zoom requires plenty of processing power and browser resources to let you record your videos.

This high demand can negatively reflect on your CPU speed and streaming performance. Tl;dv solves this problem by recording videos on the cloud. In addition, it allows you to share recordings with other users.

Part 5: Potential Issues When Downloading Zoom Videos

You’ve clicked to download a Zoom video, but nothing happened. You tried to open a downloaded video file, but it wouldn’t work on your device. Corrupt video files are a common issue when downloading Zoom videos.

No one knows how or why it happens, but it does – and it’s a real nuisance. Even if your files are working, the quality of your downloads is terrible, and you get nothing but a choppy, fuzzy, and blurry video feed. Fortunately, there’s something you can do to fix these issues.

For example, you’ve downloaded a Zoom video but got a corrupt file. You can fix it with the right tool, and Wondershare Repairit is the best for the job. The Repairit tool allows you to repair your downloaded videos in a few easy steps.

If you want to repair multiformat videos on Windows, download your video files and follow these steps:

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Add a corrupted video.
add a corrupted video

Click Add to add a corrupted video or opt for the Add video and start repairing option to begin your video file fixing process immediately. The tool will display video information.

click add
Step2 Repair the video.
repair the video

Click Repair to initiate the process. You’ll receive a prompt to save and preview the repaired video file. Click OK to proceed. If you want to preview the repaired file before saving it, click the Preview option. If the fixed video meets your requirements, choose where to save it and click Save.

click repair to initiate the process
click save

Sometimes, the video file is beyond repair due to severe corruption. However, you can still try to save it using the Advanced Repair option.

using advanced repair option

Add a video sample to see if Wondershare Repairit views it as available for Advanced Repair. Click Next to check.

click next to check

If the check is successful, click Repair.

click repair

Once the process is complete, click OK.

click ok
Step3 Save the video.

Once Repairit fixes your corrupted video file, click Save to save the recovered video.

save the video

If everything is fine, you’ll see this dialog box:

dialog box will appear


There it is – your guide to the best video download Zoom Chrome extensions for 2023. Test out a few of these plugins before you opt for one.

All these extensions are unique and can enhance your Zoom downloading, streaming, and recording experiences. You can start with the native Zoom Chrome extension to see how it stacks up against your Zoom video downloading needs.

Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis Sep 21, 23
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