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How to Repair Downloaded Kwai Video Easily

Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Originally published Oct 25, 23, updated Dec 04, 23

Do you love watching fun videos on Kwai but wish you could save them to watch later, even when you're not online? You're not alone! Lots of people feel the same way.

So, here's the deal: You want to know how to download Kwai videos easily, and we get it. It's like having a magic trick to keep your favorite Kwai videos with you, even when you're not connected to the internet.

Well, you're in luck because we're here to help. We will show you, step by step, how to download Kwai videos in a super simple way. We want to improve your Kwai experience, so stick around as we reveal the secrets to getting and enjoying your favorite Kwai videos. Let's get started!

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What is Kwai App?

Kwai is a brand-new social media app designed to share and enhance short videos from 15 seconds to five minutes. It's all about fun – discover hilarious videos, document your daily life, take on exciting challenges, or enjoy memes and cool content. Plus, the app helps you gain visibility by showcasing your videos on popular pages.

Kwai is making waves by partnering with famous individuals in the Middle East, making it even more appealing. You can easily elevate your video content using the built-in editor – record videos with your phone and share them in a snap. The live feature lets you engage with your followers, compete, and earn money.

To keep things safe for younger viewers, Kwai has clear rules. This app hails from Beijing Kuaishou Technology, a Chinese company, and it's already a hit with

How to Download Kwai Video?

Downloading Kwai videos is a breeze! Whether you want to enjoy or share them offline with friends, we've got you covered. Learn how to save your favorite Kwai content with just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Start by searching for the video you want on Kwai.

Step 2: Once you find the video, copy its URL.

download kwai video guide

Step 3: Next, paste the copied URL into the provided box.

download kwai video guide

Step 4: Click on the download button to initiate the process.

download kwai video guide

Now, wait a moment as the tool checks if the video is available for download.

Step 5: If the video is downloadable, the tool will display an option for you to download it.

download kwai video guide

Lastly, click on this option, and your video will start downloading.

Why Use Kwai App Video Downloader?

Exploring the article, you already know that Kwai App Video Downloader is a handy tool for saving and sharing Kwai videos. But we want to explain to you why you should consider using it. Please take a look.

  1. No spammy ads or pop-ups like other sites.
  2. Downloads are faster compared to others.
  3. You can use the Kwai free tool to download Vimeo videos; it works on over 100 websites.
  4. No need to log in or sign up.
  5. This app isn't committed to not collecting your information ensuring your privacy.

Wow! So cool! You can ensure your privacy and download Kwai videos easily for free. And now, you are excited to watch the downloaded videos and discover they are corrupted. Ughh! So frustrating, right? Don't you worry! We are here not only to help you download your desired videos on Kwai but also to help you fix them once they get corrupted. We considered one tool that you can easily use - Wondershare Repairit-Online Video Repair.

How to Fix Downlaoded Kwai Videos When Corrupted

Wondershare Repairit-Online Video Repair is a versatile online video repair option that comes to you free of charge. This tool lets users quickly repair videos in MP4, MOV, and 3GP formats. It also previews 30-second video segments before saving them and offers up to 10 free video file repairs per day per user.

It is not only reliable but also fast; it easily outperforms in terms of information safety and performance. You can use this tool on your Windows and Mac.

Here’s what Wondershare Repairit-Online Video Repair can do:

  • Comprehensive Video Format Support. Driven by AI technology, Repairit effectively restores damaged videos in various formats. These include MP4, MOV, 3GP, M2TS, MKV, MTS, AVI, FLV, MXF, and M4V.
  • Universal Device Compatibility. Repair videos from various devices. From cameras, memory cards, and computers, making them accessible on different platforms.
  • Effortless Automated Repair. Simply upload your damaged video and download the fully repaired version within minutes.
  • Preserve Professional Quality. Repairit's AI tool mends videos online without compromising their original quality or integrity.
  • Resolve Video Issues. Repairit efficiently tackles video corruption from various sources.
  • Revitalize Memories from Diverse Devices. Repairit brings back cherished moments captured on Canon, Nikon, Sony cameras, GoPros, DJI drones, surveillance cameras, iPads, and mobile phones.
Step 1 Insert Your Corrupted Kwai Video

The very first thing to do is put the corrupted Kwai video in the Add option once you've selected the video, a bar for uploading shows up.

wondershare repairit guide

Every video will appear on the screen, along with lots of info about each video.

wondershare repairit guide
Step 2 Video Repairing

The repair process begins as soon as the video is uploaded to the software. A great thing about this software is that it starts fixing the video itself.

wondershare repairit guide
icon note
Note: If the broken video can't be fixed, it's because it is very messed up. You can click Upload Sample Video to add a good video in the same format as the broken one to fix it better by experts.
wondershare repairit guide
Step 3 Preview and Save Your Fixed Kwai Video

The fixed video appears on the screen. You can watch it and keep it. If you have another broken video, you can click Fix Another Video.

wondershare repairit guide

Final Thought

In a world filled with captivating Kwai videos, our guide has made downloading and enjoying them easier at your convenience. Whether you want to relish your favorite Kwai content offline or need a solution to repair corrupted videos, we've got you covered. Wondershare Repairit-Online Video Repair is your go-to tool for restoring your cherished Kwai moments. It's fast, secure, and compatible with various video formats. This tool ensures your Kwai experience remains uninterrupted. Enjoy the magic of Kwai videos with the help of our guide and Repairit-Online Video Repair.


  • Is this method suitable for downloading Kwai videos on Android and iOS devices?
    Yes, you can use our method to download Kwai videos on both Android and iOS devices, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite content on the go.
  • Can I share the downloaded Kwai videos with my friends?
    Absolutely! Once you've downloaded a Kwai video, you can easily share it with your friends, even offline. Kwai videos are perfect for sharing fun moments.
  • Is it legal to download Kwai videos for personal use?
    Downloading Kwai videos for personal use is generally considered acceptable. However, respecting copyright and usage rights is essential when sharing or using downloaded content.
Louie Morgan
Louie Morgan Dec 04, 23
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